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The Oath (2010)
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Most viewers will never understand enough of this picture to form an opinion. . . ., 29 July 2011

Sadly, once again, we are confronted with a film crafted by a director who loses sight of the most important consideration: what does the viewer see? Story line, audio levels, camera angles, editing considerations are trivial details if the viewer has no way of understanding what is being spoken. This movie is spoken in Arabic, with English subtitles. The problem is that the subtitles of the translated Arabic are one quarter of the size of the subtitles of the SDH English subtitles. And, if that weren't bad enough, the subtitles are in white, often white on white, nearly impossible to read. And absolutely impossible to read at the speed necessary to keep up with the rapid dialogue and the rapidly changing subtitles. I was so looking forward to hearing what these Al Qaeda members had to say. It's too bad that the director wasn't sufficiently interested in allowing me that opportunity.