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Movies that are set in the 1800's /and early 1900's
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My personal favorites documentaries of all time. In no particullary order. A good mix of mystrious, interresting, creepy and spectacular documentaries.
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The movies i look forward to the most 2017
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In No Order
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Awesome Bad Movies
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My personal favorite awesome action movies 2000 -
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People in the movie biz who looks like eachother. I will update this frequently.
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A list of my favorite movies from the wbeautiful country Denmark.
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Interesting movies that will hit theathers 2015.
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Title says all
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The top 30 parody and satire movies.
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The best movies set in prehistoric times or/and involving Cavemans.
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Movies and series i want to see a remake of.
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List of my favorite zombie themed movies.
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Shitty actors i can't stand...
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My favorite mafia, gangster, mob, gang, hood, hooligan and prison movies, tv shows and tv-movies.
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My favorite movies about police corruption. "You're all crooked cops!"
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Movies with big and sometimes long epic battle scenes.
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B-Actors (Or Worse) who love themselfs and think that they are the coolest guy in the world.