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brilliant episode (contain a little spoiler), 12 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode focuses on the relationship between Mad Sweeney and Laura Moon. You learn where she comes from, and how she was before she met Shadow. The story is beautifully written, and takes you back in time, before the civil war . Both lead are excellent, and even though Shadow does not appear in this episode , you can feel that the finale will be epic.

Do Watch It !

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Season 5 is so good, 19 April 2017

Having seen Psycho and being a fan of the film, i was skeptical. But season 5 is blowing me away. They managed to go so much further into Norman's mind, and of course into mother's. It so good it could have been written by Hitchcock himself. Kudos to the 2 leads. Sad that it ends .

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it is good!, 28 January 2011

i really did not know what to expect from this. Then i saw it was a KOMUT show. So OK, let's give it a try. After half of the pilot i was hooked. William Shatner is excellent . He reminds me of my own father ( :-) ) The situations are also great (WS in a gay restaurant, i mean it's priceless). The only downside is Henry, he needs to get more lines or act a little bit better. The relations between WS and his sons are also greatly written. Full of humor but there's always a message underneath.The show will really take off if they have guest stars , noticeable guest stars (like all the Star Trek crew members :-) Jean Smart is great . There is chemistry between her and WS.

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OK it's getting a little weird, 18 January 2011

OK i used to love the housewives. And Bree used to be my favorite character. I mean Marcia Cross is the epitome of class and good taste. But let's face it, the relationship with BA Green turns her into a mother , more than a girlfriend. Bree used to be a lot funnier when she was arguing with Andrew, and even with her daughter. And when she passed out drunk , that was good too. Now she doesn't shine so much anymore. I hope they end up the relationship with Green, Bree is too sophisticated for him. I love Larry Hagman in the episode. This guy will always radiate on the screen.I hope he does more than a cameo, and that he becomes a regular on the show. What a way to end the show!

bad just bad, 12 December 2010

Everything but the special effects is bad here. The acting (Katie Cassidy is way too old to be a teenage girl and the new Freddy is just plain boring), the settings , it changes so much you don't even know if they are awake or not. And most of all it brings nothing new to the myth. Robert Englund must not worry : He will forever be the only Freddy. I hope they don't make a sequel, or if they do, they must change the whole cast. Even the end is not spectacular : you just know that Nancy's mother must die. How about Nancy's father : John Saxxon , while not being the most expressive actor , had something, a presence, a storyline : here nothing.