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A list of all the best war (or military) movies/TV-series' which I have seen so far. I am sure any enthusiast of this genre would enjoy every one of them...None of them are in any specific order, as it is impossible for me to place them in any order of preference...Except of course 'Apocalypse Now', which is the 'Numero Uno' of my list...What can I say ''I love the smell of napalm in the morning''....
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Over the years, I have seen probably a 1000 action movies (OK, fine...I guess the number maybe a bit exaggerated !!!)...Nonetheless, in short, I've seen a lot of action movies basically..Here's a list of the ones I enjoyed..This includes movies I have seen as a child, and hence its quite a mixed bag...Enjoy and feel free to comment n recommend..Who knows if I might have missed a gem myself?
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