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One through Fifty, these are some of the actresses on television today who, I believe, are the sexiest.
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I compiled a list of the hottest starlets from the 80's. Now, there were a ton of actresses from the 80's. So if I omitted an actress, just comment before and I'll add them onto the list.

Also, I didn't arrange this list in any special order. They're listed as they came to me.

UPDATE: Added a few more actresses, most of them were criminally omitted the first time through. Thanks for the feedback on the list. If an actress isn't on the list and should be, just let me know.
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Welcome to my all-new 2013 Hollywood's Hottest Commodities list. This is my sneak peak into who is at the top of Hollywood's A-list. Last year, Jennifer Lawrence had a strong year and took the top spot. Will she repeat? If not, who will replace her??? Who made the list? Who fell short? Those answers will be revealed and much more!
(As usual, this list is a work in progress. I'll add more actresses in the future)
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These beautiful women of color are up and comers who have yet to be notice by Hollywood (save a couple). Some of them probably have been in movies or plays that have been beneath the radar. So, I comprise this list just to give them their due.
UPDATE: If any of you know have any recommendations of African-American actresses who you believe have been omitted but should be on this list, sound out in the comment section!
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These are the 20 actresses who, for reasons unbeknownst to me, remain underrated, even though their quality of work proves otherwise.
This list is just my personal opinion... not that anyone actually cares!
Without further ado...
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These are the woman that set our hearts (and eyes) on fire each week. Here are my hottest women of TV.
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Okay, so there's a rumor going around that Hollywood's thinking about making an All-Female Expendable-type movie which is freakin' awesome! To commemorate this joyous occasion, I have devised a list of the sexy, ass-kicking actress I wouldn't mind seeing in this (rumored) movie.
Without further ado...
PLEASE READ: If there's an actress who I've forgot to mention, please leave the suggestion in the comment section below. I will add that actress ASAP along with my personal comment.
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What makes an actress Hollywood's Hottest Commodity? Is it her beauty? Her choice in projects? Her acting ability? Her box office marketablity? Or is it all the above?

These are the women who embrace all the above. I am proud to reveal the 60 beautiful faces you'll be seeing in the coming future in both cinema and television.

Let's begin by introducing Hollywood's number 1 Hottest Commodity...
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This is the list of hot actresses that will (or have already) grace the big screen this summer.
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These are the ten actresses I believe would be a perfect fit for a horror/thriller.

Out of pure laziness, I only wrote my little critique of the first six actresses. I'll add to the other four when I'm more motivated.
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This list will show who's this year's future up and comers in Hollywood.

***this list is in no particular order, though I may decide to arrange the list and add my little commentary later***
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I made my list for the actresses, now it's the guys turn!
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This list is in no particular order.