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Life of Pi (2012)
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Absolutely Enchanting work from Lee., 7 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My Rating: 9/10

Enchanting, Spiritual, Great Acting and with Incredible Visual effects, Life of Pi is an amazing story of survival and courage and is backed up with some amazing visual effects, great acting, superb background score and some brilliant presentation of a movie by Ang Lee who has made a perfect move from a novel which was labelled as one from which a movie cannot be made out of, and Lee Deserves a lot of applaud for his devotion and brilliant contribution to this movie.

The Story which is based on the novel written by Yann Martel is about a young spiritual boy named Pi Patel(Suraj Sharma) who is the boy of a zookeeper who lives in Pondicherry, but after some issues with their zoo in pondicherry, they decide to move to Canada and take the animals with them, but when they board the ship and after staying in it for sometime, it starts to sink and only Pi barely manages to survive in a boat along with a zebra, hyena, an orangotan and a Tiger named Richard Parker, and after the other animals kill themselves, it's only Pi and the Tiger who survive and Pi must find a way to tame Richard Parker and save himself from the gruel Pacific Ocean and somehow survive through this crises.

Their are'nt many actors in this movie and the cast is quite small compared to most movies, but everyone has done their job's superbly, starting from Suraj Sharma who has portrayed the young Pi brilliantly and his acting throughout the crises time is amazing and he plays his character quite perfectly and has done a lot of good to his career with this. Irfan Khan also does brilliantly as the Present Pi who is grown up after that survival in the ocean and although much of his role is to narrate the story, he has done it superbly and its good to see the Indian Actors do well in this movie. Even Tabu( Pi's Mother) and Adil Hussain(Pi's Father) have done well to ensure that everyone in the cast has done extremely well with their roles. Last But Not the least the Tiger aka Richard Parker deserves a huge amount of credit and although i don't really know if its animated or not, but if its real then hats off to the trainer who trained him.

Well, before this movie was released or was poised to release, there was a lot of talk of how the book cannot be depicted into a film, but Ang Lee has silenced those critics by making one of the most beautiful and visually thrilling movies of the past years which also consists of some great acting and some really brilliant presentation of survival and courage of Pi and Lee has done amazingly in all the aspects of the film starting from the cast(which is quite small and inexperienced) in which he has made Sharma act to his full potential, to the visual effects(for which although the visual effects team deserve the most credit) which are absolutely amazing and I really regret not watching this in the movie theatre, and the presentation of the movie is absolutely amazing starting from the first scene to the last, and the scene's of Pi and Richard Parker are absolutely amazing and visually enthralling. He Deserves the Best Director Oscar award this year and I'm Sure Life of Pi will get awards from many other categories as well.

The Visual effects of this movie is one of the best visual effects i've seen in a movie and this movie was difficult to make mainly because of these quite impossible visual effects in the story, but it's perfectly shown by the visual effects team who have done an amazing job with the sequences after the ship sinks and this movie is bound to get many awards from the visual categories. The Cinematography In the Movie is also superb and the scene's shown of the pacific ocean are simply mind- blowing and the cinematographer Claudio Miranda has done a really brilliant job with the cinematography which also adds to the brilliant visual effects of the movie.

The Screenplay of the movie written by David Magee is quite great and the dialogues are brilliantly delivered by the actors and the novel was quite brilliantly depicted in this movie with the help of the screenplay and Magee has done a great job with the screenplay of the movie. The Background music in each and every sequence is amazing and the survival scene's are really superbly backed up with the background score mainly consisting of Indian Instuments and the background music goes brilliantly with the visual effects of the movie which leave many awestruck throughout the movie and the Mychael Danna has done brilliantly with the background score of the movie.

Well, I Really DO regret not watching this in the movie theatre and this probably has everything in it to please the audience and the visual effects and heart-warming story keeps one awestruck throughout the movie.

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Thrilling and Extremely Convincingly Real., 24 January 2013

Zero Dark Thirty: 8.5/10

Intense, Thriling, Convincingly Real and aided by brilliant acting by Jessica Chastain and co, Zero Dark Thirty shows the assassination of Osama Bin Laden extremely well and convincingly and is embolised through the tough acting by Chastain and the rest of the crew and some brilliant and convincing presentation by Kathryn Bieglow who keeps on making movies related to war and crime superbly.

The Story which is based on true events of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and the screenplay written by Mark Boel is based on CIA's hunt of finding out where Bin Laden is hiding out after the 9/11 attacks and shows the life of Maya(Chastain) who is a extremely capable CIA agent who is sent to help out in finding Bin Laden, and how she gets adamant of finding him and bravely goes through much risks and hard-times to finally get a source of where he is and must prove it to the high officials that he is in a location and they should assassinate him.

Jessica Chastain is basically the only ''lead'' character in this movie as the fearless Maya who is adamant and obsessed to find and kill Bin Laden and she does this role superbly, and considering that she is in the pressure of delivering most of the acting goods, she does an extremely convincing job and probably deserves the awards she is receiving for this performance which is probably her best so far. Joel Edgerton is a really talented and underrated actor i believe and he does another fine performance as Patrick(Squadron Team Leader) who must take his team to assassinate Bin Laden, and though he does'nt have much screen time, he does greatly in whatever screen time he gets. Jeremy Strong and Jason Clarke do their bits superbly to make the acting in this movie look really realistic to what happened.

Kathryn Bigelow has done another extremely super job in making a film based on really controversial events and I don't think many imagined the movie to be made so quickly after the real events and she took a bold decision in making this but it paid of really well as she made a really convincing movie explaining the audience of what actually happened before and during the assassination. Although she gets a bit desperate in explaining extremely thoroughly at times but apart from that she has done a brilliant job in all parts of the film and really helped Chastain and other deliver there performances greatly and she has made another great film.

The Story is quite precise and explains to the audience of what happened during and before the actual assassination happened and although it is quite convincing, one begins to feel that its a bit over-stretched and at times could have been cut short a bit, but apart from that screenwriter Mark Boel has done a great job with the dialogues and script of the film and has done a convincing job in showing this story well, and the story's backed up superbly by Bigelow and the rest of the crew. The Editing of the film is quite superb as the scenes of the film are synchronised superbly and the editing makes it tough to predict it.

The Cinematography of the film is quite fitting to the film and some of the scenes shown in Iraq and Pakistan are brilliant and dark at the same time and cinematographer Greig Fraser has done a really fine job with it. The Background music of the movie is extremely fitting to the scenes and its haunting and dark and as good as it can get for this type of movies and Alexandre Desplat keeps on delivering remarkable scores for each movie he decides to go with, he is really talented in delivering the backgound music of a film.

Finally, Although this was'nt as good as i thought it would, its extremely close to it and Bigelow has made another brilliant movie which keeps you thrilled and guessing all the time and at the end you're quite convinced of what happened during or before Osama Bin Laden's assassination.

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Brilliant Musical of the past times., 14 January 2013

Les Miserables: 8.5/10

Entertaining, Artistic, Melodious, Brillianted Acted by the ensemble cast and Perfectly presented by the talented Tom Hooper, Les Miserables is almost like a breath of fresh air to movies of the past and is a real entertaining and artistic ride from the start to the end, and is aided by the amazing acting from the front trio(Jackman, Crowe and Hatthaway) and the rest of the cast and the brilliant presentation by Tom Hooper who has made one of the finest Musicals of the past years.

The Story which is based on the book written by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, is during the 1800's in France where a prisoner Jean Valjean(Hugh Jackman) is given his freedom after many years of prison, but with a note of shame because of which he can never get any recognition. But after getting inspired by An Old Man after he stayed at his house for a night, he decides to become a better person and after some years He becomes the Mayor of a town and now runs a factory and lives a good life, but his old tormentor or the guard of the prison he was in Javert( Russel Crowe) is back to reveal his identity and take him back to prison, but Jean decides to take the girl of the deceased and dying Fatine( Anne Hatthaway) and fulfill her wishes of keeping her daughter safe and he must run from Javert and give Cosette a good life to live.

The Acting by the whole cast in the movie was absolutely as good as it gets, and every single actor in the scene's have done their role's superbly and have done brilliantly with their lyrics too. But Hugh Jackman steals the show as the lead character Jean Valjean who is running a life of running away and keeping his daughter and himself from harm and Jackman does amazingly in this performance and makes the role his own, his acting and lyrics delivery is quite perfect and this is one of his best performances ever and he proves that he can do lead roles by himself. Anne Hatthaway does'nt have much screen time in the movie, but whatever she has done, she's done to utmost brilliance as the desperate mother Fatine who can do anything to save her daughter from harm, and the role is perfect for her and she does perfectly too. Russel Crowe too did a great job as the ruthless Javert and his lyrics delivery is superb. Sacha Boren Cohen and Helena Botham Carter give an comedical taste to the movie with their hilarious performance as the sly couple who had Cosette, and Amanda Seyfield and Eddie Redmayne too have done their jobs well.

Tom Hooper was quite bold in making this type of a movie, as this is his 4th movie ever but he is such a talented director that he has made a superb musical movie and one of the best of the past years, he had chosen and handled his multi-talented cast perfectly and he has synchronised all the lyrics of the movie brilliantly with the visuals as well as the music, and all the aspects of the scenes were terrificly well made and he continues to keep on making great films and entertaining one's too and considering the amount of work he had to put in with such a huge staff, he really did a great work to make this movie.

The Story of the movie based on a book is quite brilliant and all the years shown in the life of Jean where he travels through different places are written superbly, and it is adapted brilliantly by Screen- Play Writer William Nicholson and the lyrics of the movie are so brilliantly written as well by Herbert Kretzmer and they are greatly fitted for a musical movie and all the aspects of the story are synchronised superbly in the film. The Cinematography of the Movie is also quite great as the places of the pre-war France is shown superbly and some of the scenes are quite spectacular and the Cinematographer Danny Cohen really did a great job.

The Music in these type of Musical-movies are obviously the backbone of the movie and the music director Claude-Michel Schönberg did not disappoint here, as he did a terrific job in synchronising the music perfectly with all the lyrics in the movie and the different type of classical music used by him in the movie can be a music-lover's delight. The Art Direction team needs to get its applause too for its superb effort with the art direction of the film and the 1800's France is so brilliantly shown in the movie. The Costume Design team too needs to get applause for its effort with the costumes worn by the actors and the costumes were so realistic and added to the brilliance of the film.

Finally, this movie is one of the best musical movies i've ever watched and one of 2012's finest movies which can be enjoyed by all sets of audience and this can be a real Awards favourite this time.

Inspiring and Amazing., 12 January 2013

Intense, Inspiring, Beautiful, Bold and Amazingly Acted as well as Directed and Presented, Beasts of the Southern Wild is an inspiringly emotional movie which really shows the meaning of surviving without sadness and is as good as it is because of the amazing acting from Quvenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry and the immense work made by Director Benh Zeitlin to make such an inspiring and unique movie.

The Story which is based on a stage play ''Juicy And Delicious'' by Lucy Alibar is about a Six Year Old Poverty-struck Child named Hushpuppy(Wallis) and her arrogent and hot-tempered father Wink(Henry) and their lives in a remote, poor area, and although they are'nt rich, they still have fun with what they have. But everything goes wrong when Wink gets a health problems and a storm destroys their home and now they need to survive in their destroyed area and somehow Hushpuppy needs to save her father from degrading and also needs to learn to be more courageous.

I watched this Film as soon as i saw Wallis's nomination in the Oscar for Best Female Actress and after seeing this performance by a 9 year- old girl, i think she totally deserved the nod. She is absolutely amazing for such a young age and she steals the show in this film as Hushpuppy and she lights up this dark and intense movie with her acting and her dialogue delivery and everything about her character and her presentation in this movie is absolutely perfect and even if she doesn't win any awards this time, i'm quite sure she may turn into a brilliant actress in the near future. Dwight Henry also does a brilliant supporting job as Hushpuppy's hot tempered but caring father Wink who does'nt want anyone's help and wants to live and die in his home and Henry does a brilliant job with Wallis to making this movie so good. The Rest of the cast and all of actors shown have done their parts very well.

Director Benh Zeitlin may be unknown to many before this movie, but now he has the attention of many film lovers as he has made a beautiful movie out of this and with such an inexperienced and limited cast and crew, he has made use of everything he has got and although Wallis is an extremely talented Actress, Zeitlin has a big role in showing her true talent and he chose brilliant for his cast and all saw to the other parts of the film brilliantly and also utilized the story( of which he co-wrote the screenplay) perfectly, and considering that he had to write the story and give the background score too, He Did an immense job considering that not many expected a movie like this to be so well.

The Screenplay of the movie written by Zeitlin himself and Lucy Alibar as well is extremely well written and the story shows the survival instincts of the people who have the true will and determination to live and not give up and the character Hushpuppy was amazingly presented and although you sometimes think that some things may be wrong, the story nevertheless makes up for some mistakes. The Dialogues of the movie are really inspiring and the dialogue delivery by Wallis is as good as it gets.

The Cinematography of the movie is also very good and the remote area's shown in the movie are extremely well presented and Cinematographer Ben Richardson has done a fine job. The Background score which is given by Dan Romer and Zeitlin(he's everywhere it seems) is brilliantly synchronised to the sequences and the slow- piano music in most of the scenes are brilliantly synchronised as well.

Finally, I Did not expect to get such a good movie out of such unknown cast and crew and the acting and presentation in this movie itself is giving a lot of attention to, this is movie which deserves the accolades it gets.

My Rating: 8/10

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Just Awesome!, 10 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Intense, Violent, Smart, Brilliantly Acted along with a great screenplay, Django Unchained embodies what a Quentin Tarantino movie is all about, starting from violence to great acting to brilliant artwork and cinematography, and last but not the least the brilliant and ruthless presentation of the movie done by Tarantino himself and ensures to be one of the best Western movies of the past years and one of the truly best of 2012.

The Story which is written by Tarantino himself(another one of his brilliant abilities) is about a black slave named Django(Jamie Foxx) who is bought by a Dentist co Bounty Hunter Dr. King Schultz(Christoph Waltz) and he needs the help of Django to kill some wanted men who Django knows about. After killing the men and several others after Django And Schultz become partners, they decide to go to Mississipi to save Django's slaved wife who is enslaved by a brutal plantation owner named by Calvin Candie, and they must work out how to save his wife from the sly Candie.

The Acting by the cast as a whole was great, but the acting Trio of Jamie Foxx, Leonardo Di Caprio and last but not the least Christoph Waltz were the real show stealers and their acting was vital to this movie becoming so good. Jamie Foxx does a great job as the freed slave Django who turns into a bounty hunter and now must save his wife, and Foxx is a real capable actor and he does quite greatly in this. Di Caprio has done a terrific job as the sly and lethal Calvin Candie and he portrays the role of this villiain terrificly and his facial expressions and dialogue delivery were spot on. Although these two were amazing, Christoph Waltz in my opinion Knocks the ball out of the park in this movie as the Dentist/ Bounter Hunter Dr King Schultz who is the mentor and saviour of Django and trains him to become a Bounty Hunter, and Waltz and Tarantino are almost like a match made in heaven, they are flawless while working together and I truly hope Waltz gets some more awards for this. Samuel L. Jackson also does a very good job in his short role as Stephen, Caldie's assistant who is jealous of Django.

Now We All Know that Quentin Tarantino has a knack of making violent movies and displaying his movie's mostly in the form of violence and blood and abusive things, but he is just soo perfect at making these kind of movies that you forget about these violence and just get stuck into this movie which is guaranteed to entertain you from the very first scene to the last. Tarantino has done a massive job in making a good as a western movie like this as this is his first of the type, and the action, art direction, cinematography, screenplay and acting are spot on along with the great sense of background music, and his direction is so good that everything is near flawless in this movie and he really deserves something after all his brilliant works.

The Screenplay in this movie written by Tarantino himself is absolutely brilliant and the dialogues(although abusive at many times) are soo brilliant and brilliantly delivered by the acting cast, and as this is an original story, this really deserves an applauding for its uniqueness and sheer brilliance. The Background music is so brilliant and addictive that it really keeps you entertained from scene to scene and what music director has done brilliantly is that he has used all sorts of music to synchronise them with the scenes.

The Cinematography in the movie is brilliant as the 1850's shown in the movie is quite perfect and the U.S.A area's shown in that movie is so original and so real that you actually feel as if you are in those times. The Cinematographer Robert Richardson deserves some applauds for his brilliant work in the movie. The Art Direction and Costume Design in the movie are also brilliant and it adds to making the story original and showing the time's perfectly!

Well, This Movie is a real smashing movie and although it isn't certain to get many awards because of its violence, it truly deserves some big awards and Django Unchained will be certain to keep you entertained right from the first scene and it definitely is one of the best movies of 2012.

My Rating: 9/10

Argo (2012)
Extremely Smart and Brilliant Suspense-Thriller From Affleck., 10 December 2012

Gripping, Haunting and Extremely well presented, Argo is a very smartly presented suspense-thriller which is sure to keep you gripped throughout the movie and is backed up with a unique script, some good presentation of the characters and extremely smart and brilliant direction and acting by Ben Affleck to show this tensed-terror ride as well as one can present.

The Story which is based on true events, is set in the late 1970's where during political unrests between the U.S.A and Iran was happening, the US Embassy is robbed by Iranian terrorists and 6 of the workers there manage to escape to the Canadian Embassy of Iran, and they must be saved by the CIA agents and must be brought back to the U.S. So A CIA Agent Tony Mendez(Ben Affleck) is brought upon to make a plan on how to save the 6, and he comes up with a plan of making a movie where they were kept as hostages and then make those 6 Americans as film's crew and somehow bring them back to their country.

The Acting in this movie is'nt based on someone in particular, but the ''lead actor'' in this movie is Affleck himself, and he does a brilliant job as Tony Mendez who is on a mission to save the 6 hostages and Affleck portrays this character superbly. The whole rest of the acting crew did very well and everyone did their character justice, but i thought Alan Arkin and John Goodman did their jobs brilliantly as Lester Siegel and John Chambers who are the two movie-related people who help Mendez make the plan with this movie.

Well, Ben Affleck always makes sensible and smart movie which are very logical and very pleasing to watch and can be enjoyed by all movie lovers and critics, and he did the same in making Argo, which a unique movie in its own, Argo is a very smartly made thriller and Affleck keeps you glued to the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the finish and keeps you wondering how Mendez will get those 6 out of Iran. Affleck both directed AND Acted in this movie and thats a very difficult thing to do, and he both the jobs so brilliantly that he really deserves most of the credit for the movie.

The Story(which is based on true events which had occurred on the dates shown in the movie) is a smart topic to make a unique suspense-thriller out of, but Affleck did just that in making this one, and he never overdid any part of it, and just showed what had actually occurred brilliantly. Screenwriter Chris Terrio has done a good job with the writing the story for this movie.

The Cinematography of the movie is quite good and Rodrigo Prieto has done a great job in showing the dark streets of Iran during those political unrest times and some of the sequences were really well presented. The Costumes worn by the actors in this movie are exactly what it should have been in those times, and the costume design team deserves some credit for that. The Editing of the movie is also quite good as the movie is'nt over-shown at any point and its very to the point stuff.

The Background music which is given by Alexandre Desplat is quite brilliant stuff and although in some of the scenes there is sheer silence and people only talking, but in many scenes Desplat has shown his magical music as he has delivered so many different kinds of music in the film, and the background score really synchronises well with the scene's of the film.

Finally, Argo is really smart and brilliant stuff from Ben Affleck and it has to be one of the best movies of 2012 and deserves more than one watch and It can be really pleasing for all sets of movie lovers.

My Rating: 9/10

The Acting Trio Make it work!, 21 November 2012

Funny, Pleasing and very well acted by the trio, Hope Springs is an entertaining Rom-Com which is good for time-pass and having nice laughter along the way and is successful highly because of the brilliant chemistry of Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones backed by a great performance from Steve Carell.

The Story(written by Vanessa Taylor) is about an elderly couple Kay(Streep) and Arnold(Lee Jones) who are married for 31 years but have lost their love for each other, and try and re-ignite their marriage by going to intense counselling in a place named 'Great Hope Springs' to a Dr Feld(Carell) who is famous for restoring marriages and he gives them some ''excersises' to do in order to get their feelings back for each other and we see how that happens as the movie goes on.

The Acting in this movie is the saving grace for the movie as it is really dependent on the pairing of Lee Jones and Streep who do not disappoint in this one, and although it may not have been their best, it was still quite great. Lee Jones was brilliant in portraying a grumpy,rude,disciplined tax officer Arnold and his mocking towards his wife and Dr Feld, and how he changes as the movie goes on. Streep is brilliant as ever as Kay, A lonely and sad housewife who wants to re- ignite her marriage and has to make some sacrifices in order to get it working. Carell was also great as Dr Feld and though he was not their in much of the movie, he was great with his dialogues and was practically poker-faced and serious throughout the movie. The Trio did their jobs brilliantly well and made this movie successful.

Well The Director David Frankel did a decent job in the direction of the movie and he chose his casting really well placing Lee Jones and Streep together and managed these high-profile actors very well, and utilized this story and portrayed it as perfectly it could have been shown. He did all he could in the movie and deserves some appreciation for it.

The Story is a bit different from the usual Rom-Com and though it has the same old predictable happy ending, I liked the subtle comedy in it and the dialogues were also great and the story was really shown greatly in the movie. The Cinematography in the movie is also decent, as the scenes shown in ''Great Hope Springs'' are quite pleasing to the eye. The Music was also okay-ish and some of the songs were good.

Well Finally, this is a good movie for time-pass and can give you a fun share of laughter and you can enjoy it more if you're a sucker for romantic-comedy's, but nevertheless the chemistry of Lee Jones and Streep steals the show and makes the movie worth watching.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Looper (2012)
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Extremely Unique and Thoughtful., 12 November 2012

Thoughtful, Unique, Thrilling, Visually Stunning with a brilliant concept and backed up by Writer-Director Rian Johnson's brilliant work and brilliant acting from the front trio, Looper is definitely a highly thrilling and thoughtful sci-fi movie which ensures entertainment right from the beginning and definitely lives up to the high expectations and in my opinion is one of the best sci-fi movies of the past times highly due to the brilliant work by Rian Johnson and his crew.

So The Story written by Rian Johnson himself is showing the year 2074 where dangerous mob's can get their targets eliminated by sending them back to the past through time travel and the killing be done by a Looper, and the story is based upon Joe(Gordon-Levitt) who himself is a Looper and has done lots of killing for some good amounts of money. But One day it all goes wrong where his own Loop or his own older self is to be eliminated by him and the older Joe(Bruce Willis) escapes from him and is on a mission to eliminate the Rainmaker who is responsible for the killings of the Loops. So Now Joe must kill his older self in order to get his life back and get back to being a Looper.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is in the lead role in this movie and does so brilliantly well yet again as Joe, and he is really a talented actors suited for these kind of serious roles. He Reminds me of a young Robert De Niro in this movie and sometimes his voice was also identical to De Niro, well he has the capability of becoming as good as De Niro in the future. The Movie is revolving around his character and he does an extremely good job in keeping the audience glued to his character. Bruce Willis too did a very good job as the old Joe, and although i think that the change from Gordon Levitt to Willis was a bit illogical, Willis did a very convincing job nevertheless. Emily Blunt also did a good job in portraying Sara and the acting trio have shined in this movie, and the rest of the crew also did a good job in their respective roles.

The Director-Writer Rian Johnson has done a tremendous job in making this movie considering that he also wrote the script for the movie, and the way the movie is set up from the beginning and shown throughout is absolutely brilliant and he explained his story brilliantly and also picked and directed a brilliant acting crew who all did their respective job very well, and also handled his visual crew well as the visual effects in the movie was absolutely top-class. The Story which i think is an original story written by him is absolutely brilliant and unique and time travel was shown so brilliantly and the effects of it too in the story and considering that its his own idea, Johnson did a mind- blowing job with the script and concept of this movie.

The Visual Effects of this movie right from the beginning and some of the scenes shown are absolutely mind-blowing stuff and the visual effects crew has done a marvelous job starting from the fighting scenes to the slow-motion one's and considering that its all futuristic stuff, this movie deserves some awards for its visual effects. The Cinematography in this movie too is top-class as the place's and area's shown starting from Kansas to Shanghai and that too in the future are absolutely so realistic and mind-blowing stuff and full credits to the cinematographer Steve Yedlin for his contributions to the film.

Finally, I really think that everyone should go for it being or not being a sci-fi movie fan, this is probably the best sci-fi movie after Inception and really deserves a watch and it also ensures full on entertainment and also will keep you mesmerized from the beginning and keep you thinking right till the ending scene.

My Rating: 9/10

Skyfall (2012)
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Brilliant Tribute to 50 Years of Bond!, 6 November 2012

Thrilling, Action-Packed, Brilliantly Acted and Directed topped off with witty dialogues, Skyfall is probably as good as a total action-packed thriller can get and does justice to a Bond Movie and highly benefits from the great portrayel by Daniel Craig and a brilliant performance by Javier Bardem as the villain, and its topped off by some great direction from Sam Mendes and brilliant visually thrilling sequences.

So The Story based on the characters created by Ian Fleming and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan, is about MI6 agents James Bond and his adventures as 007. In this movie, he is tested to save M(Judi Dench) from a highly brilliant maniac former agent Silva(Javier Bardem), who is adamant to kill M for betraying him and kicking him out of the MI6. Bond must catch and kill Silva before he does more mayhem to the MI6.

The Acting by the cast as a whole is quite great and all of them have done a decent job in their respective roles in the movie. Daniel Craig is great as ever as James Bond and he can really play the character convincingly and does again so with his style and he has everything that is needed to be Bond. Jarvier Bardem for me stole the light in this movie as the villain Silva, and he can be really menacing when he is in a villain role, and he does absolutely perfectly here as well as the brilliant maniac who is adamant to kill M. Ralph Fiennes who played Gareth Mallory in this movie did not have many screen time in this one but he is a brilliant actor and did a convincing job. Judi Dench had a big role in this movie and her great acting skills were proved here as M. The rest of the cast also portrayed their roles very well and did a convincing job.

Sam Mendes is a brilliant director and he makes a brilliant Bond movie which is the best in many years, and his handling and picking of the cast was great as he controlled everyone brilliantly, and he also put all the other elements of this action-packed movie brilliantly and he synchronised all the sequences of this movie brilliantly with all the visual effects, the music and also the witty dialogues throughout the movie and Daniel Craig and the rest of the actors also benefited from him.

The Story in this movie was a great one for Bond movie lovers and also for Action movie lovers and it also consisted of all the things a great Bond movie needs and the great witty dialogues topped it all off. The Cinematography in this movie i thought was top class and all the places in the movie are displayed brilliantly and the scenery's and places shown in the movie are visually pleasing. The Cinematographer Roger Deakins has done a great job with the cinematography of this movie and it contributed very well in the movie.

The Music which is by Thomas Newman is top class as he sychronises his great thrilling music with all the action packed sequences brilliantly and it keeps the movie from getting dull and keeps the audience glued in the movie and the Song by Adele in the movie is also excellent and its a great contribution to the movie.

Finally, I really liked the movie from the start till the end and its a great one for Bond Lovers and Action lovers too and its backed up with great stuff from all the elements that is needed in this type of a movie and it can be enjoyed by any movie/bond lovers.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Mickey ''The Wrestler'' Rourke, 5 October 2012

Dramatic, Depressing And Heart-Breaking at times, The Wrestler is a very good movie which is majorly boosted by the brilliant performance by the returning Mickey Rourke as Randy ''The Ram'' Robinson and the Brilliant direction of Darren Aronofsky in making the movie this good which is backed up with a unique and life-like story of a rather complicated character.

So This Original Story which is written by Robert D. Siegel is about an aged professional wrestler Randy Robinson(Rourke) who gets a heart attack after a wrestling match one day,he finds out cannot wrestle ever again due to a poor heart condition and will die if he decides to wrestle and must retire from it, but he finds it increasingly difficult to stay out it and live a rather normal life which is filled with complications such as earning his living and making a healthy relationship with his love interest Cassidy(Tomei) and his daughter Stephenie(Wood), and is caught in a dilemma on what to do next.

This Movie revolves around Mickey Rourke as the main character who is the vocal point of the movie and who did a remarkable job considering that this was his return to mainstream cinema's after a short spell away he makes the role his own as he becomes like an aged wrestler in the end of his career and also does a perfect job in acting as a rather lonely Randy ''The Ram'' Robinson, and Rourke is one of the few main reasons on why this movie is so worth watching. Marissa Tomei does a very good in portraying Cassidy who is a stripper and also Randy's love interest, along with Evan Rachel Wood as Stephenie who's the daughter of Randy, and although Rourke steals the show in the movie, the other actors have done a good job in their roles.

In My Opinion, This movie is this good because of two reasons which are The Acting of Rourke and The Direction of Darren Aronofsky who does a tremendous job with the staff he got and considering that some of them are'nt even actors and there are so many inexperienced actors in the movie, he made every one of them act brilliantly. He also utilized this story and chose the right man in Rourke to play it, and showed the story perfectly to the audience thus making e a different type of a movie and he again excels in making really brilliant movies of different genre's.

The Story which is original is about a different type of a movie which also show's some action in the wrestling sequences, but is way different in most of it as a rather tensed drama about a rather lonely wrestler who's life is only about wrestling, and this story is very unique in its own way and kudos to the story writer Robert Siegel and also Kudos to the Director and Rourke for showing it so brilliantly to the audience.

The Music in this movie is given quite well and the music synchronized well with the scene's, many of which were quite dramatic, while many were tensed and depressing at times. Music Director Clint Mansell has done a good job with the back-ground music of this movie and the ending music was good too. The Set Design of the wrestling arena was also decently made up by the Set Designers.

This Movie is definitely one to watch for movie fans and the brilliant acting by Rourke is the shining light of this brilliant movie backed up by the effort put into it by the staff of the movie.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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