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My favourite foreign language speaking movies. Mostly arthouse genre movies and some titles I thought would be fit for this list.
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Waste of my time, dissapointments. Personal opinion.
Some movies I have rewatched but still could have been done so much better (transformers) or were just utterly dissapointing(RobinHood). In La Vita Bella I just couldnt bare to watch and endure the performance of Roberto. The story was beautifull.
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Non marvel hero movies ive seen. I love Marvel but this makes the list more challenging. I mixed the list with comic book origin heroes and original movie heroes.
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In random order.
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Strong water content in movies. Blue oceans, fishlike creatures.
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a list of 24 titles so many ways.
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This list contains movies about and/or with nazis. just one and/or lots of them. I also added fascist theme movies set in present/past or future like Equilibrium or Starship Troopers.
I didnt add all the war movies I know because the current theme has to be a little bit more represented than as merely cannon fodder. Pls add your comments or suggestions.
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Probably best animated picture I have seen. Random order, if a movie has sequels or prequels i have added only the best in my opinion.
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probably not many surprises for you who read it.. still these are my fave directors of which I have seen almost every movie and enjoyed it... I have written down some titles I think best and some i think are less enjoyable. These are all my personal opninions all feedback is most welcome.
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Modern but mostly nostalgic animated series that i could come up with. Im sure there are some more inside my memories that havent came to me yet. But then again I did dug deep and could come up with almost 100 titles from which maybe 50% came from long, thought forgotten childhood memories. Man did i went deep..Early 1980ies Skychannel saturdaymorning Fun Factory deep. Enjoy this list like I did in creating it.
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Handpicked army of darkness. Action figures sold seperately.
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In random order.
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seriously.. again and again. My all time favourites I guess. If one of these movies is on television while im zapping I will most likely if I have nothing else to do finish it. I have been watching and watched most movies regulary.. sometimes with a long break. But they keep coming back to my life. Those are the requirements to be on this list.
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Some of the finest comedys I know of and very much enjoyed.
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This is a list of movies that mostly disturbed me when I watched them. Some became my favourites while others didnt. Lots of dark disturbance but a few strong spiritually touching as well.
I start the list with more positive movies. then slowly its getting darker and more twisted as we scroll down the list.
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Horror movies I could think of which most of them scared the hell out of me. Most are severely twisted, dark and horrible stories. Some are less twisted but I can reassure you that they are wicked and therefore on this list.