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Simply Awful, 12 November 2012

Oh my God ! This movie was to be compared with jab tak hai jaan and every body's expectations were very high and i also went to the theatre expecting a superb story , comedy and action but came out disappointed ! All the jokes were outdated and i thought that i have already heard them before some where e.g (Rowdy Rathore, Dabbang) this movie is in the same league as was rowdy and dabang ! Cast was good but script was very weak , Ajay tried his best to make us laugh but he's 2 old for such role and was totally miscasted here , sonakshi was as usual average , sanjay was OK ! Songs were garbage ! I recommend u 2 go and watch Shahrukh Khan's superb block buster 'JThJ' instead of this filthy crap and save ur money ! Thanks .

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superb,excellent and totally flawless, 30 August 2010

Now before starting this comment i want to say that i am new on IMDb as review writer and i have also read many comments on this movie and i found them awful, are you people silly.This is a great Hindi movie with flawless acting by charming Hrithik and beautiful Amisha not because shes my favorite actress but because she has all the ingredients of the great actress and the story is although simple but the actors expressions especially of Amisha are fantastic without doubt and some body wrote about Hrithiks bad choreography are you mad man his dance number Hawaon Ne Yeh Kaha includes his best dance of his career so you have to believe me that it is one of the better love stories made in Hindi cinema because Dil Wale Dulhania and Hum Tum or movies like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak are also simple love stories but they are so much hit films so why not this one if you are still confused then go and see App Mujhe Ache Lagne Lage once more to believe me and finally this along with Kal Ho Na Ho and 3 idiots is my favorite film so please go and watch it once more.