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Jurassic Park III 10 out of 10 EXCELLENT, 17 September 2010

After the success of the first two Jp movies they decided to make a third one. The Story of it you probably now from the trailer so i'm not gonna explain it. But also if you have seen the trailer it still has a few plot-twists and an very interesting story.

The movie itself is totally awesome, its great to see Sam Neill again and they figured out a very intelligent plot to go back to the island. Special Effects of this movie are fantastic they took everything from the previous movies and evolved it to Level 300. I like the new dinosaurs Espacilly Spinosaurus and the remodeled Raptors. The Characters are very cool as well. Sam Neill is nice to come back ,he is a lot different that from JP1. The Soldiars and pretty much the entire cast you don't want to see dying, what is something a lot of Adventure/Action movies fail to do.

So thats pretty much it i could sit here and prays the movie for another hour. It has pretty much everything a movie of that kind should have: OUTSTANDING: Special Effects OUTSTANDING: Scary moments OUTSTANDING: Cast

So yeah you should see it.

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Nice effects, decent story ,good action but some problems., 12 September 2010

The movie as you probably know is about alien and predator fighting each over for the first time ,ovcourse the hype was Huge. I don't feel like explaining the plot because when you see the trailer you know what the movie is about. The Action scenes are awesome and all that but their are few big things to complain about.

1. Too little to no scaring or really unexpected moments

2. The predator is WAAAAY too overpowered. I know you guys think he is supposed to be very powerful,but they went a little too far with having him alone take out a frigging Alien Queen.

But one thing i have to praise the movie for is not to focus so much on the Charackters but instead on the Monsters. They knew that the new characters nobody cared about.

Bottom line it is worth watching.