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Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I will not be!, 1 September 2010

I'd only heard of this film after watching 'I Love You, Man.' I googled the cast, and then turned my attention to Jason Segel. Realizing I had never heard of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I researched it, only to find so many of my favorite actors! Kristen Bell, Russell Brand, Jonah Hill AND Mila Kunis all together?? I then rented the DVD and discovered that Forgetting Sarah Marshall is of the same genre as I Love You, Man, and Segel does the same quality of acting. I liked that he was able to get his life back on track, and find a love interest along the way. I was also happy to see that Sarah(played by Bell) got her comeuppance. Russell Brand also does a fantastic job, considering his love for sex in real life. Anyone in the mood for lots of goofy sex scenes will enjoy this movie!

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Similar story line to previous films, hot guy though.., 29 August 2010

'Furry Vengeance' was a more detailed focus on all previous mechanic animals with a score to settle with man. Most of the jokes in the film were that of physical humor, rather than quotable phrases and clever dialogue. The teenage romance was pretty PG, and easy to predict, but cute nevertheless. Tyler Sanders(played by Matt Prokop) was definitely a good decision for this movie, as he perfectly portrays a teen 'in the now.' He also is quite sexy. The ending's musical number was equally enjoyable, though many of the films it spoofed were the likes of those I was not familiar with. All in all, if you feel like watching a movie with animals bullying humans like there's no tomorrow, go see this film.