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At least all I can remember at the moment... I have a strong feeling that i've forgotten somebody, but who could it be? I will add more rankings and more actors when I have the time.
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Ok, I think this list may gather more hate mail than my other lists, but i'm afraid I just have to take that chance. De Niro and Steve Martin are exceptions, they used to be great, but nowadays they are both boring and talentless. There are really bad actors on this list and then overrated cases. I've tried to cut down the number of young actors, for I happen to hate new american cinema very much, but some people I just had to take in so that the list could be as close to perfect as it can. By the way, if you have any suggestions of whom should I put to the list, I'll be happy to hear them. However I mostly seem to get suggestions of people who are on it and shouldn't be...