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The list is from the best to the worst tv show that i've my opinion of course. ''Lost'' is my favorite show because it was the first show that made me start watching american tv series. But ''Breaking Bad'' is the best series in television. It's what tv should be like. It's pure art.

Numbers 1 - 24 are my favorite and it was a hard choice to put them in order. Also i do recommend the shows until number 34.. Stay away from numbers 40-45... these tv series are at least boring

Tv Shows that i started but stopped watching:

Also, can you recommend another tv show?

p.s. my top movies list:
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Heartbreaking dramas, mindblowing scenarios, hollywood classics, the sound of silence, Oscar winners and Oscar snubs, independent America, best of Europe, Asia and global little diamonds, animated stories, adult comedies, Hitchcock's thrillers, colourful cinematography and the magic of black and white, bloody scenes, bloody british humor, unforgettable performances, once upon a time in the westerns, epic movies, *beep* up characters, sci fi of the present and early 1900's...there is a place for everything on a list with my favorite movies of all time!!
Of course there are more movies (and even better than those on my list) that i haven't watched yet. So, i will add them when i watch them. These are my top 194 among the (over) 900 movies i've watched. Any comments or suggestions are kindly appreciated.

Recently added:

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari #160
The Salesman #159
Moonlight #31
Land of Mine #89
North by Northwest #99

p.s for tv shows check out this list:
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88 years of Academy Awards and too many films have competed to win the top prize. Many times the winner is different of the film that was expected to be the best motion picture of each year. Snubs have been made and people have disagreeed strongly with the academy's choices.

Personally, i have watched 48 of the 88 films that won the Oscar of best picture and i tried to put them in order according to my taste in films!
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I started watching these tv shows because i found them interesting duo to the trailer and the plot, but either because they were boring or because they were really bad..or just because they are not my cup of tea....i stopped before wasting more time of my life....

Tell me if im wrong...which do you think should i continue watching??