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It's disappointing, but it isn't a bad game just could be better, 9 November 2010

I'm a big fan of star wars, I loved the first one and when I heard about a sequel, I was very excited, but when I see the bad reviews about the game, I decide to rent first, and it's a good game for me, but I must say that I was expected more about this game and here is my pros and cons:

Pros: -Great graphics. -Some mistakes of the first one have been repair. -I enjoy playing with 2 lightsabers. -I see how I can cut off heads, arms of the stormtroopers, it's something that I never see in a star wars game.

Cons: -The game is too expensive. -The story. -It's too short. -Repetitive enemies and levels. -It's too easy than the first one. -I was not satisfied with the limited appearance of boba fett and yoda (I was expected a battle with boba fett).

In the end, this game it's not great but not terrible just could be better, I recommend you rent it first and that's all.

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this crossover sucks, marvel vs capcom is better than this, 31 August 2010

First, i would like to express my angry about this game, this mortal kombat looks like for children, because in mortal kombat there are intense violence, blood, gore, etc. it was a terrible idea to put mk with dc, dc is very imaginative and mk not. The history is too short and boring, besides the mortal kombat games is for adults no for children, i don't know what ed boon was thinking, the fans of mk as me, will hate this game, but don't worry because ed boon finally listen us, and there will be another mk game more dark, violent as the other mk games, i repeat and i insist that put mk with dc was a terrible idea and that's the reason that I put this game 1 star of 4.

"Superman" (1996)
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Superman ROCKS, but super girl SUCKS., 27 August 2010

First, it's not great as batman or spider man, the only good thing is the action with villains as darkseid, brianiac, etc. this action is something that I would like to see in movies. The thing that I hate in this show is super girl, she looks like a prostitute and I don't understand why they ruin the series like that, and I HATE this Supergirl because she ruined the series of the new adventures of batman, and the series are not the same as BTA, that's the reason that I prefer the series of spider man or iron man, because in spider man when you have seen a spider boy or spider girl? or in iron man a iron girl? nowhere. That's the reason that spider man is better than this, and he is in the first place of my favorite superheroes. But I insist the series of superman would have been better without super girl, I think she is worst character that I have seen. That's the reason that I put the series 6 of 10.

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Excellent show, even better than the batman, 27 August 2010

This is one of the best animated series, the batman wasn't bad but then the show was bad with bat girl and robin, spider man is working alone and this great for marvel, and it's true because when you have seen that appears someone like spider boy or spider girl? nowhere, that's why I hate the DC cartoons, and that's the reason that spider man is the greatest hero for me, the villains were great, i enjoyed see the six sinister fight spider man with his alien costume, venom was really great, when they canceled the show, i was upset, but I'll wait for the next show: ultimate spider man.

Spiderman RULES!!!!!

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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One of the best movies of marvel studios., 27 August 2010

First, this film is for fans, no for general public, I'm a big fan of marvel and I see this film 6 times, this film is great, casting was excellent, in this movie I see the shield of captain America, the hammer of Thor, and many cameos of the other heroes, black widow was excellent, i love her, mickey Rourke as whiplash was great, war machine was excellent, people say that this film have a little action and many villains, they are wrong, because a villain doesn't count his physical and weapons, but his intelligence, whiplash created his robots and he use them as pawns first to confront stark, not all is combat body to body, also has its advantages, i love this film and I'll wait for iron man 3 and I want see the mandarin.