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A movie that deserves an "ola" of raving reviews, 7 August 2003

Jes. is a young British girl coming from an Orthodox Sikh family. She loves playing the soccer and David Beckham which is unacceptable in her fiercely traditionalist family's eyes. How can we live freely our secular passions in a 21th - century Western society when we are crushed by the burden of an ancestral cultural Asian inheritance and when love is just the parents ' business? Director Gurindhar Chadha approaches all these social problematic topics with the accuracy of a surgery doctor certainly due to a potential autobiographical "vécu" but at the same time with a touch of light humor made of hilarious mix - ups. Ethnical barriers being put aside , the movie focuses on shattering down all kinds of prejudice such like all soccer female players are ipso facto lesbian but always by using the tool of "comique de situation". Here is Indian cinema we love : moving , right and authentic whatever it is made by Native Eastern Indians like "Salaam Bombay" (Golden Camera of 1988 Cannes festival) by Mira Neir or by Second - Generation Britons stemming from immigration. Ms Chadha exactly knows how to show all the compromising difficulties and unfair misfortunes resulting from the inferior status of Indian woman trapped into the cage of traditions whereas she does not drag her characters down to the hellish downwhill of unescapable Loachian social miserabilism. We are through with phoney love stories made in Bollywood where a 6 - armed Civa along with an 8 -legged Vishnu gig like maniacs on rocking choreographies of JLo or Michael Jackson 's MTV video clips and celebrate the wedding of Untouchable Cinderella and Maharadjah aka the local Brad Pitt. Thanks Ms Chandha for overcoming the Karma of corny Bollywoodian items and for giving us a pukka social fairytale.

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Augustin , King of looney humour, 4 July 2003

A refreshing little comedy about a very kinky and colourful guy called Augustin who would be physically the hybrid clone of French politician François Fillon and Dr Frankestein 's monster. He yearns for being the next big thing in Kung Fu movies and moves into Parisian Chinatown for it. A very peppy cocktail of laughes and moving love scenes offered thanks to a gallery of good actors such like attractive Chinese actress Maggie Cheung and one of inimitable French comedian Darry Cowl starring Augustin 's ambiguously possessive friend. Too bad director Anne Fontaine does not make an Opus 3 of her character 's tribulations in China to complete this vivid trilogy.