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"Louie" (2010)
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Excellently different, 9 September 2011

Is truth, I would not call this a sitcom. It is not sketch comedy either, so...what is this? I can not call it anything but genius. Brilliant comedy, in a creative format. I love this. SNV has said he is a great fan of Louis for make me watch him. I also not like to rate a ten, as like previous reviewer say. But I am forced to maintain an integrity? Yes! And, so, I must give highest of rating for this because I feel it is deserving. You will not know what to expect or how to expect it to be delivered on any given episode. Everything comes anew and is very refreshing. It is not stuck in format like most sitcoms and sketch comedies you find. I find those often bore. This, I am no bore, you see? I plan to watch until they cancel! They always cancel the 10/10 ones!

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Sugar is sweeter than honey!, 24 August 2010

Sugar Nikolay Valuev is a treasure. That he has decided to act is a joy for myself, my family and all of my friends. We attend to himself ringside for greatness and now at big theater! Caxap! I watch Gymkata 114 times and it comes not close to this film. And that is very highest of praise. Valuev's every subtle nuance in voice, body language, facial expression, it feels like you know him and his pain, joy, love, misery. It is like roller coaster whirlwind of emotion and life. Please, watch this film and see for yourself. I cannot wait for his next venture, whether on big film or little screen or ring. But they can't be too little screens or rings for such big man! HAHA!