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Considering Canada's small population, they've really contributed a lot of big names (in front of, and behind the camera) to Hollywood cinema. It's also amazing how many of these people are, or were, dominant names in comedy.
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Not necessarily ugly (though sometimes they are), these actors have an unmistakeable look, often making them perfect for certain iconic roles that nobody else could play quite the same. There are obviously a lot more than just these 10, but I wanted to focus on mostly actors with (some) mainstream success, who absolutely no one else looks like.
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5 young actors and 5 actresses who I think will be the next big things in Hollywood. By big thing, I mean people like DiCaprio, Christian Bale, and Angelina Jolie.
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With a cast that large, some are bound to fade into obscurity, but I hope it's not some of the best ones who do.
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A lot of the biggest actors today gave some of their best performances in movies which, despite critical acclaim, hardly anyone saw or remembers.
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I'm not really going to include 'arthouse' or 'indie' films here, because most of them are made for niche audiences in the first place.
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