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Entertaining, but breaks no new ground, 2 August 2008

I just saw this film at the Melbourne Internatinal Film Festival. I, along with everyone else in the audience (or at least, form what I could tell from audience reaction) found it very entertaining. The film begins with Spurlock deciding to seek out Osama bin Laden in order to make the world safer for his unborn child. As you would expect from this type of documentary, you have humorous animation sequences, songs and interviews. This humour often derives from Spurlocks apparent aim to find bin Laden, however this is not really what the doco is about. More than anything, I found the aim of this doco to be to say 'everyday Muslims are just like you and me' and in telling people that not all Muslims are terrorists. This is most definitely a very good and important message for the people of today. However, I don't feel that this doco really covers any new ground. This message has been covered by many people before in many different ways and will be again. No new light is shed on the topic, or, for that matter, on any topic.

That said, if you were to go in to this film with a complete ignorance toward Muslim society then it may be a different story. If that were the case you would be supplied a highly entertaining lessen in tolerance. Unfortunately, in my experience people of that type of ignorance are not necessarily the type who would sit down and watch a documentary. I suppose the all we can hope is that the cheesiness of the title will draw them in! Overall I would rate it 6/10 for being entertaining, if not groundbreaking.

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A great tie-off to the series, 6 March 2008

I just watched Ark of Truth last night and I found it a great film (a term I use lightly - it really is more of an extended episode). The script was enjoyable, the actors were as always at their peak and it concluded all the story arcs that needed concluding.

Admittedly, the only factor in the film that annoyed me was the 'ark of truth' itself. It felt to me a little contrived that all of a sudden there was this 'ark of truth' that would solve all their problems. When they were fighting the goauld and they had to work out everything themselves, however with the ori all they're trying to do is find things that the ancients left behind.

Still, a great film and I'd recommended it to any fan! It really isn't for non-fans tho. This film wasn't made to get new people into the stargate 'verse, but to finish off the story for those people who are already fans. There is too much assumes knowledge for non-fans to enjoy it.


Winning London (2001) (V)
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charming, 9 May 2006

If you go in to this movie expecting it to be intellectually stimulating then I'm afraid this movie isn't for you, but if all you want is a pleasant movie on a Saturday than this is fine family fun.

The premise is that the two olsens and the rest of their Model UN team go to London to feature in an international Model UN. The film is predictable in places, irritating in others(no one would believe that the twins were boys!!), and genuinely entertaining in others still. It is an above average olsen film and I'd give it 8/10 considering that.

Just remember; go in to it in the right mood. It's a light film that doesn't need reading into. Don't expect big, just a gentle comedy.

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A little dated, but we romantics don't care., 4 May 2006

I saw Leopard in the snow in 1978 as an 18 yr old and was lucky enough to purchase a copy of the book with the movie pictures in the middle. I have re-read the book countless times in the last 28 years, Helen and Dominic are like old friends to me. Last month on a whim I put Leopard in the Snow into eBay and there it was available on DVD and now I have it in my hot little hands after 28 years.

And after 28 years the movie was just as I remembered. Heart-warming, romantic and with terrible hair and clothes. But who cares! This is a movie you'll either love or hate and if you loved the innocence of 1960/1970's Mills & Boon books, chances are you'll love Leopard in the Snow.

Troy (2004)
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Fantastic! Amazing! Stunning!, 24 May 2004

I don't know what everyone is going on about!!!! When I go on this website all that I see are people saying how bad the movie was, but I saw it and thought that it was great!!! Fantastic!! Sure, they don't stick to the Iliad exactly, but Lord of the Rings didn't stick to the books exactly, and you don't see many people complaining! This review is just to let everyone out there know that this film is fantastic! The battle scenes are amazing, the 1000 ships at sea are stunning and the actors do a great job. Eric Bana is probably the stand out performance as Hector, but, like I said before, they all do a great job. When they hear how long this film is, many people groan, but the 2hrs 50mins flys by as you are taken into this amazing film. It is an adventure for the men, romance for the women, and sad for anyone who likes to cry (I went with a friend of mine and she cried 4 times). 8/10

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a tv classic, 17 September 2003

This movie is truly a classic. I know that some of the actor's skills are a bit suspect, but some of them, like Keira Knightly, had began to show some of their true talent in this film. Also, the script is incredibly witty in some places, and incredibly meaningful in the next. And finally, the idea behind the movie is excellent. 10/10 for me...a TV classic