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Dirty Girl (2010)
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Nice movie, 14 February 2013

This movie offered a bit of everything. Humor, emotions, feel-good and even some awkward moments.

It started off with a humoristic touch and went to a bit more drama, and even some emotional scenes.. I really sympathized during those scenes. I was surprised, because I didn't think this movie would stand out the way it did. For me personally the expectations weren't all that big, I thought it would be just another sort of light slapstick comedy. But it offers a very good story and characters you actually begin to sympathize with.

Eventually it is a true feel-good movie with a nice but somewhat cliché plot. To end all this, I'm really taking my hat off for the acting.

I would say it's almost a definitely must-see

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Incredible (yet underrated) movie, 27 November 2012

So I decided to write another (little) review, just because this movie got a hold on me. I watched it about a week ago and really liked it. But apparently I liked it even more than I thought. So here I am, immortalizing my thoughts about the movie =)

Yeah I'm a big fan of Carell, and he's been going on a more serious route lately. Some with success, others with a bit less success. I liked every one of em. But this one must without a doubt be his best amongst the more serious roles he played.He really put down a believable character which you really begin to sympathise with during the story line. As well as the character of Keira Knightley might I add. They played very well together. The written story and romance was made believable, which they played an important part in. But again there was some comedy, no film that Steve Carell plays in is gonna be without some nifty humor. And the funny moments were of course vintage Carell :)

At the end, it was a real heartwarming and breathtaking movie. It really moved me, but I could just hold in that one tear that was trying to get out. And that honestly doesn't happen to me too often Steve again pushed his limit and raised the bar for himself. He keeps improving and trying new stuff, that's what I like about him.

Flypaper (2011)
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Great film, holes in plottwist make for lower score, 23 March 2012

I started watching this movie with not too much expectations. But I started to enjoy it quite easily. The film isn't the most humoristic in it's genre, but it has some good jokes and good scenes. And it's filled with a lot of great, though a bit cliché, characters. It's a nice movie you should pick up sooner or later.

Then the downside: halfway you start creating an idea about the plot, but afterwards the movie integrated multiple twists.. A few to many in my opinion. The ending is still a nice find and the film is a must-see. But due to the multiple plot twists creating a lot of holes, you just can't help but feel some things just don't add up in this story, I gave it an honest 6/10.

Quite enjoyable movie nonetheless

Ecstasy (2011/I)
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Not that good, but sometimes intriguing, 19 March 2012

Wasn't that good of a film, got one of my lowest ratings here on IMDb. But all in all I did watch out the entire movie. Something kept me watching. The acting like one stated in a review before wasn't bad at all. And the film had a couple of intriguing moments/scenes, but then just continued to follow another illogic path. The plot just was filled with holes, and it left quite some questionmarks at the end.. And indeed, why name a film 'ecstasy' when it's about some kind of (fictional) variant on ecstasy.. So eventually ended up quite far-fetched

All in all I did give it a 5, I've seen even worse movies which I did stop halfway.

Real Steel (2011)
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Hats off, great plot and acting performances, 26 January 2012

As george already mentioned here, in his review of the movie, this movie has it all. It makes you smile, laugh out hard, cheer, grump, show sympathy and maybe even wipe a tear at a certain point. I was already told this movie was awesome, and I did think it would be good, and still a was astounded by the greatness of this movie. The acting of Dakoto Goyo was great, and you really did feel like he had a connection with his robot, they gave that robot the certain humanity you can relate to. Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly did a great job themselves.

And the story was almost epic, if not epic. Great concept.

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Fun movie despite the lesser acting performances, 14 January 2012

Fun movie to watch, even despite the lesser quality in the acting performances. Except for some, with in particular Stanny Crets, he was awesome in this movie! He did a fine job..

You can't compare this to other Belgian movies though, like 'De helaasheid der dingen' or 'Aanrijding in Moskou'. But it does a great job of keeping you interested during the entire movie, and giving you a good laugh every now and then. The build-up is fine and so is the audio-visual aspect. But I did notice some small mistakes in their 70's setting, such as stuff you wouldn't actually be seeing in the street image those days.

Should be a nice movie for a Sunday afternoon though.