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Top 40. of all the horror movies I've ever seen.

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There are the movies that made me cry, or almost bring me to tears.
And no, titanic didn't made me cry.
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Every movie I rated 10/10. Follow in twitter @tavskritkjis. Super short film reviews in latvian language.
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My favourite actors and actresses, and three their best performances.
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100 movies that deserved my sympathies. There's a lot more of good movies, but i'll put there just hundred. It'll be hard to choose.
in no particular order.
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By M.E.M. Ja ne baisas, tad interesantas. Visas redzējis neesmu, bet lielāko daļu. Pārēja glabājas kaut kur diskos. :D
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Half of this i have already seen.
Updated 05.05.2013
Sorry if some movies there are double.
Also sorry for my english. :D
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