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A broad genre of Chinese cinema. Please note this list is evolving and I'm in no way an expert, please suggest any great Wuxia films I'm missing.
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An archive of Australia's exploitation films from the Australian New Wave era, otherwise known as Ozploitation thanks to one the best documentaries ever made Not Quite Hollywood - for more info: Wiki - Ozploitation

Note: this list isn't in any particular order and is by no means complete, suggestions welcome! When I get a chance to watch as many as I can I'll make up a 'best of' list.
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List of exploitation films made in the Philippines, as presented in the documentary Machete Maidens Unleashed.
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The idea for this list is gather a 'best of carsploitation' films... but there's soooo many more that could be on this list. Please suggest any quality movies that I should add (or remove, I've yet to watch them all). Apologies I've only really focused on the 70's and 80's so far, but all suggestions welcome!