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Louie (2010– )
Disturbingly refreshing
2 July 2011
I watched this show for the first time last week after Wilfred (another great new show), and I must say - Louie is wondrously on a WHOLE new level. Where have I been?! Yes, the show is quite explicit, vulgar, and just plain dirty - all of which I'm not a huge fan, but the writing/dialogue depicts the everyday thoughts and issues that are really running in the minds of the rest of us, but we're just too afraid to speak our minds. That's what really amazes/captures me about this show. It is rough around the edges submerged with complex, bizarre, vulgar situations, yet the overall tone of the show is so...simple, mundane. This very stark contrast is not only captivating and mind-blowing, it is very intense and disturbing to the human psyche. It is just a whole new level of comedy. I am thoroughly and mindbogglingly wow-ed.
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Wilfred (2011–2014)
2 July 2011
This show explores a whole new realm of comedy television. Erie, intelligent, dry, profound, thought-provoking, outrageous, subtle - all intertwined into one overall theme: PERCEPTION IS KEY; open your mind, face your fear, and take risks.

There are multiple levels of perception that come into play. The dynamics between Wilfred and Ryan are simplistic in the eyes of all but Ryan (just a man and a dog), yet complex and unfamiliar (Ryan's very personal and strange experience with hearing/seeing Wilfred's complex thoughts, moods, erratic actions, etc). Such dynamics are carefully orchestrated to depict how one's perception and outlook can truly change or save you. I have not yet seen the (original) Australian version of this show, but I must say - truly ingenious and inventive.
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