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I am a sucker for clean movies with happy endings so naturally I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies.

This movie list will have some movies that are other than Hallmark but they are clean nature all the same.

I have worked hard to list the top 10 in the order of my favorites, after that it is necessary in order.

PLEASE recommend some of your favorite Hallmark Movies so I can continue to groom my list.

Created: April 2017 --- Victor J.
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Love the Old Movies!
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Feel good movies.....
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I am still in the process of making this list. Please comment.... provide suggestions.
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Holiday movies are my favorites. I have listed Christmas, and some Thanksgiving movies that I have seen. I will attempt to list my top twenty movies in the order of my favorites. Please make recommendations and comments to help me groom my list. Happy Holidays. Created: 7/9/17 Victor J.
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Still in progress
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I am a sucker for Hallmark movies, really appreciate the sappy happy ending stuff. I want to list my favorite actors. It is mostly ladies because that is my preference. This list is mainly for myself, but if you enjoy it fantastic. Created: 7/9/17 Victor J.
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Established: April 23, 2017
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This is a list of movies that my son (Jack) and I enjoy watching together. We created this list when Jack was 11 years old. I hope that he will someday watch these movies with his children.

We both realize that some of these movies are actually terrible movies but we enjoy them.

Victor Jordan -- Created: April 22, 2017
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List in progress. Some of the movies don't earn a very good IMDB rating. But that is why this is MY list. Please recommend some movies that you think might earn a 10.
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Still in Progress.
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List still in progress.
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Still in progress.