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Movies I've seen this year ranked by how much I liked them.
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Every movie I've seen this year, arranged by how much I enjoyed them, regardless of whether I've already seen it before.
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I'm 16 and I really love movies. It would be great if some of you could recommend more for me to see and appreciate. Lists like these change all the time. This time next year, I'm pretty sure this one would be radically different. As of this moment, these are my favorite movies.

ps. I didn't include animated movies because I think those deserve a separate list entirely.

Newest Movies:
Rebecca (12)
Taxi Driver (15)
Ikiru (31)
Nights of Cabiria (33)
Once Upon a Time in America (35)
Boogie Nights (42)
Yi Yi (69)
The Philadelphia Story (74)
Three Colors: Blue (78)
Strangers on a Train (84)

Not sure where The Rules of the Game should go yet, needs a re-watch.

Recently Removed:
The Descendants
The Cabin in the Woods
The Big Lebowski
Raging Bull
(500) Days of Summer
Forrest Gump
The Orphanage
Donnie Darko