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"Every Puzzel Has an Answer", 11 January 2011

After currently watching this on Blu-Ray the movie adaptation of the hit Nintendo DS games lives true to what The Prof is all about. This whole new adventure did not turn out to what I have expected, but it turned out better and very enjoyable. The story is just as gripping and interesting as the games themselves and filled with interesting characters new and old and off course what made the game so popular PUZZLES!! they were also a major factor of the story, in search for eternal life Layton and Luke encounter a number of puzzles on the way, that is when the movie goes back to it's roots as when it was a game, making you almost think your playing it, even though Layton and Luke solve them within minutes it was still enjoyable trying to guess the answer and seeing The Professor and his apprentice in action. Over all I highly recommend this movie to all fans of the series, and even people who never played the games and enjoy anime. With Level-5's simplistic character design would not only attract the attention of children but for adults of all ages, a fun full feature length for anyone.

The A-Team (2010)
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"Hang on, everybody - I wanna try something I saw in a cartoon once!", 14 November 2010

Regardless to the negative reviews about this movie it's understandable why some people don't like it, and it's very understandable why people DO like it, like myself. The A-Team movie was an anticipation of mine, while following rumors of different cast members this one left me satisfied. I wasn't happy with hearing Rampage as B.A. at first, but seeing his performance was to me acceptable, and portrayed his role well. To sum this movie up it's really your typical Hollywood Blockbuster, with The A-Team having a Die Hard like budget and feel with leaving you a loud crazy fast paced action movie, and left me satisfied. the story was okay, but really, who cares about that, why do you think it was okay to begin with? it was just a chance to get these guys in and have allot of fun. C'mon now, they fly a freakin' tank, a tank! now that's Oscar winning performance right there! okay maybe it's not, but sure was a hell allot of fun watching that scene. so if you liked the original series and like action movies then this is totally recommended for you, the only complaint i have though is that it's at least 10 min's too long, but with all that action, and witty moments you'll think it's just 5 seconds.

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Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, 22 October 2010

While watching the pilot episode of The Walking Dead the only word that went through my mind was "awesome!".

We finally have a TV Show that's associated with the beloved Zombie franchise and what it does it does right.

The story takes place in the present day, a Sheriff's deputy, Rick Grimes gets caught in an accident and ends up in hospital, after blanking out and waking up from a coma he finds himself in an abandoned ward with flickering lights, broken down hallways and barricaded doors. As he makes his way through the dark hospital he finds out that he is the only one that's not in a body bag.

The pilot introduces us to several main characters that actually make you want to learn more about them, with brilliant directing by Frank Darabont you will come across both dramatic and emotional scenes that seem appropriate for the time, this gives the show allot of realism and just works out great.

However this doesn't have CGI effects yet and should be kept that way, the make-up on the zombies are fantastic.

watching this will give you allot of nostalgia and the direction makes of this show feel like a classic old school zombie movie from the 80's to 90's that's actually serious this time, having a well respected cast and great acting makes this show very promising and I will be hoping for allot more future episodes... allot more. But for now I'm still waiting for the rest of the first season.

If you like zombies or even a good drama that has allot of suspense then I highly recommend this show, I have never felt this way about a show since LOST, so you know it's that good.

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M Night, 10 October 2010

There can't be anything bad that I have to say that's not already said but I must continue to bash this movie like the other Avatar the Last Airbender Fans have done. I'd be lying if i said that I didn't have any hopes for this movie because it lead me on visually, and it looked great. but sadly, the rest did not satisfy me. The poor choice of casting is just the start of what made this movie so horrible. the characters compared to the TV show are complete opposites. Aang in the cartoon may be the last Airbender but they show us that he can be a kid at times, he has fun, unlike the live-action Emo-Aang, who mispronounces his name correctly. I could fill this review with how much i disliked the casting and comparing them to their original cartoon versions, but one major problem i had with this movie was that it had no comic relief. even Prince Zuko's Uncle and Sokka didn't provide the humor that this movie really needed. Luckily for me I didn't waste my time and money in the cinema and wasn't fooled on the '3d experience'. so if your a big fan of the show and don't want to be disappointed, don't follow any of our footsteps and avoid it with all costs. this could of been a turning point in M Night Shyamalan's career but he just disappointed all of us. So Please! get some one else to write and direct the rest of the trilogy!

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My New Scrubs!, 3 September 2010

American TV produces a lot of comedies in the past years, and even a few of them have become very successful. if this is treated right within the next few seasons then it's golden. it's a very funny witty American comedy, i didn't know much about this except that it had Chevy Chase co starring, if that doesn't grab you than i don't know what will. this is them rare American shows that prove Americans can also write funny dialogue that doesn't need to have slap-stick humor. there are great characters that are supported by great new actors that fit the environment and beats of the show so well. it's defiantly worth watching the first few episodes to see if it's for you.

Grown Ups (2010)
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Actually... Not Half Bad, 25 August 2010

so i had my doubts with this movie, the trailers made it seem cheap, such as an unoriginal story (which it has) and poor jokes (which it has). but overall it is watchable. I would call myself a sucker for these comedies but the latest modern comedies appear to lack in something but i don't know what it is yet. anyway... this is a one-watch movie, it has it's moments, and the second half is pretty good and an improvement to the first half. it has your typical characters that would make a comedy, your successful guy, the strange hippie guy, the black guy, the horny and the fat guy (which is played by Kevin James and yes you will find this movie being overdosed by fat jokes, oh god so many fat jokes). as Adam Sander movies go this beats funny people, which was a movie that had no idea what it wanted to be. but here, this was your summer comedy that has been rebooted. kinda like the 2010 version of The Great Outdoors but not as great.

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Fun, Exciting and Underrated, 19 August 2010

A lot of these reviews had to make me want to sign up and back this movie, for one thing a lot of people here are judging it by the quality, as children's movies goes this is fun, and it IS a children's movie. you should just go into the state of mind that you will know that you'll have a good time. if you have an hour and forty minutes to kill and still want to watch this? then go ahead. It brings back a lot of magic back into movies and the great thing is about the movie is also the all staring cast. they all work well and know what they are doing, this helps the movie and helps parents and older people to be interested with the movie as well since it has the minds of Ricky Gervaise and Ben Stiller. so don't judge movies by reviews even ones here and even mine, just see it if you want and feel free to enjoy it as i did. if you liked the second then you'll love this as it's set in the Smithsonian so you know there's gonna be more mayhem and comedy. these movies are unique and enjoyable.. and indeed underrated.