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A lot of what I've seen...but I still need to find more.
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My subjective list of the 2015 movies I've seen thus far, However few of them there were this year.
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A list ranking the movies I've seen that were released in 2014. It's less than I usually watch in a year, but I got all the award fodder. My Indy game needs to come up.
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I was very disappointed with many movies this year. I expected more things from American Hustle and other highly anticipated films. But I was blown away by Rush and was disappointed it didn't get more love come award season. Tell me if you disagree or recommend anything I haven't seen yet of which there is a lot. A lot of "above average" movies this year but few "great" ones
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Not the most extensive list, but I've seen most of the 'big' ones. 7/9 of the Best picture Oscar nominees. This is my subjective list.
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My subjective list, ranking the movies I've seen of 2011. I haven't seen them all, but a fair amount. If you have any suggestions of movies to watch based on the ones i liked the best let me know.
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Here is a list of my personal favorite movies of the decade so far. Some of these are widely considered great movies(Best picture nominees come to mind), others are less hyped, but you shouldn't miss them(Never Let Me Go, It's Kind of a Funny Story.) They are kind of in ordered, but if you're looking for movies to watch, it's safe to start anywhere.
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MY subjective list of the 2010 movies. I caught most of the good ones. Thoughts?
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My 20 favorite movies, in order. Movie's I can watch over and over again.