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This list contains the titles of the films I consider the very best ,and those who are an outstanding contribution to cinema. In no particular order. Some of these motion pictures deserve recognition because of the remarkable directing, some for the outstanding writing, but most of them have both of the following. I highly recommend them! This is a list in making...
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This is a list of epically bad movies. This list reflects my humble opinion,so don't get angry....But all jokes aside, those movies are unbearable to watch !!!! this list will expand !!!!
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Not so long ago I became very interested in this particular genre, above all it fascinates me the most because of the lose definition of its meaning. I'm open for commentary suggestions...
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This list is my personal opinion, but also I consider it to be a reflection of what kids should watch oppose to the idiotic movies that hollywood seems to be fabricating day and night. Pointless teen movies should be eradicated from the beautiful, inspirative minds children have!
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Open for suggestions, couldn't remember all of them....
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People who deserve admiration! They could even inspire an unimaginative person!!
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Bezkompromisni dragulji srpske kinematografije, bilo da se teme ili glavni motivi vrte oko rata ili su naprosto urnebesne komedije, ili fimovi obogaćeni psihološkom podlogom. Ovo je lista bezvremenih filmova za balkansko područje, filmovi koji su oslikali i iztetovirali mentalitet balkanki i balkanaca.
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This is a list of men witch I consider most charming and charismatic.
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