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This is just a list of some cute romantic comedies/dramas to watch with your friends, when you're alone on Valentine's Day, or on a rainy summer day.

I know there are some movies "missing", but I'm sorry I haven't seen every romance movie in the world, so forgive me for making you "disappointed".

Other reasons why some movies are missing is because I've forgotten to add them or didn't think they were very romantic.

i hope you'll still like this list.
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My favorite TV-shows!
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A list by me of the most beautiful models/actresses/singers etc.
They're not in order, except the first one; Taylor Swift.
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A list that I made with actresses and singers that always (or often) look elegant and classy that I'm a fan of.
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My favorite characters from movies and TV-shows.
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My favorite movies of all time. My opinion, but probably other people's opinions too.
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Movies you can watch during Christmas. There are good movies and bad movies in this list, but these are just Christmas I've watched, and I haven't watched so many Christmas movies.
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Just pictures of my favorite couples you can see on screen. Some of them aren't real life couples, but we're just thinking of their characters and the movie story. Hope you'll enjoy it.