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Not worth the trip!, 16 August 2010

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From Movie Man Dan Anyone who's ever been part of the long distance relationship thing will know what it's like; waiting weeks to see your loved one only for those few moments to be over in what feels like seconds. Sadly the opposite is true in Nanette Burstein's debut feature film - here the minutes drag by like hours.

Although the set up might be enticing and slightly unusual (not since Sleepless in Seattle have an on-screen pair spent so much on-screen time apart) sadly this is rom-com by numbers with the usual array of quirky man friends (one even likes to visit the toilet in full view of guests), over-protective sisters (Christina Applegate in feisty form), unnecessary Brits in plot strands that go nowhere and predictable diversions which no amount of cartoonish airplane graphics can overcome.

Real life couple Long and Barrymore certainly share enough chemistry and their scenes together reveal a cutesy charm. However for a film that's obviously trying to be alternative and different it's a sad indictment that it ticks nearly every traditional rom-com box along the way.

Sadly in treating the material this way, Burstein's naturalistic feel (gleaned from her documentary background) comes off feeling forced with scenes in restaurants and bars over scripted and stifled instead of improvised and fresh.

Even the tacked-on Hollywood ending feels unnecessarily fake when the perfectly elegiac departure lounge moment ten minutes previous would have at least offered something refreshingly different. Had the film gone down such avenues sometimes signposted then it might have been worth an extra star; as it is it runs out of fuel before knowing which way to turn anyway.