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That was Hilarious!!!, 30 November 2015

What a pilot. This is one of the best pilot of recent comedy shows. The humor is quite subtle and watching again just makes it funnier. Acting is good and dialogues are also well written. I don't know what the hate is for, maybe the portrayal of Pakistan and other stuff. If solely considered as a TV show, this is hilarious.

Walter: Smells like a coup d'etat.

President: Let be who?

CIA Head:(apologetically)I can't tell you that president.

President: I am the president.

I love these kind of humor and if you do to, you are going to love this show.

Tim Robbins and jack Black are brilliant. And oh those two pilots are just amazing.

All in all I loved the pilot and if future episodes are like this than I am surely going to love this show.

And why does IMDb changes my review format and makes it a one big paragraph instead. There is something wrong here.

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Thrilling from start to end -Spoilers-, 21 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just like last seasons mid season finale, this episode connected the dots but my oh my it was way above any episode of this series. I didn't expected this many twist and turns and before I knew, episode ended. Those were one of the fastest 45 minutes for me. This episode was so packed that they still have to reveal a lot of stuff regarding Catherine, Asher going to police which were shown in previous episodes. + Wes story line + Every member in the group are now on same page + Welcome to party Asher + Acting (Viola Davis) + Emily Sinclair is gone. - Winter break

I am very excited for what they are going to show us after the winter break and I just home that is as awesome as this episode.

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Amazing build up for finale, 12 December 2013

Best episode for me of this season or on par with Catherine. Whole episode was brilliantly done and with phenomenal performances from all, Obviously. One scene with Dr. Masters lying in the bed answering questions of Libby, gave me goosebumps. Dialogue writing was tremendous and meaningful. There were funny, witty, sad, insightful one liners throughout the episode. Best line of the episode for me was by Masters :- "That question lay outside our area of inquiry.". When you will watch the episode you will know why it was the best line. Only sad thing now is that there's only 1 episode left and can't really wait a whole year . Best New Series this fall.

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not so good!, 2 August 2012

This episode was nowhere near the quality of last episode.This episode was an usual episode with nothing interesting. We have seen many episode's like this in previous season's of white collar. In my opinion they should consistently increase the pace of the storyline not only the last 2 Min's of the episode. Talking on this subject i think the next few episodes of white collar will be awesome like they were in middle of previous season. only thing i hate about white collar is the consistency of episodes...few episodes are good and the next few falls right into the grave. 6 out of 10 for this episode and waiting for the next episode to release....

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Amazing Episode....., 25 July 2012

I don't know why people keep saying White Collar has lost its touch,character development is bad. On a friendly note, I still love this show and hope that it gets extended for further season. This episode was quite entertaining on whole with some funny moments as well as some nice tricks. Things related to Caffery's past and all Caffery turning good can make further episode's interesting. On the whole i liked this episode more than the series finale and hope they gradually continue to increase the level of intensity in every episode. This episode was intense so 10/10. *imdb won't let me post it so some random word *

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HULK and IRON MAN are the best superheroes----------for me!, 16 May 2012

Ahhhhhhhhh! I watched it yesterday and yeah so late cause of my exams but what a great choice it turned out to watch the movie after all.... Speaking of 3D effect their's no doubt its one of the best after likes of Avatar and Tintin... Now talking about the storyline well it isn't something special just same old story but the execution makes it a different experience. Mark Ruffalo as HULK was incredible and no need to say about Iron Man (the coolest superhero of all). I liked the verbal fight between Iron Man and Capt.America.... Agent Hawk and Black Widow were good and Thor and capt.America were also good . But for me as i told before Hulk and Iron man were best. To put end to this review one line from the movie, Capt America to(Iron man): What are you without your Suit? Iron Man: A Genius ,a Billionaire ,a Playboy and -----. LOTS OF LOVE TO AVENGERS AND WILL SEE THE FIRST DAY FIRST EPISODE OF AVENGERS 2......

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Can't wait for next season, 11 May 2012

OMG! That was a fantastic finale. can't wait for the 4th season premier. This episode was full of emotions and thrills. Finally Elena makes her choice and eye watering scenes. This was a Perfect finale after a little disappointing last episode. They could've done a much better job in previous episode than this after creating a negative character of Alaric.

I haven't read a single book of Vampire Diaries, so i can't compare it with anything but i surely love this show. They have done a brilliant job with the storyline and a great base for the next season and just hoping that they continue like this in the next season. On the whole 3rd season was brilliant with some Amazing starting 9 Episodes and last 5 episodes... and some bad episodes like 1912,Break on through...

If i have to pick "The Reckoning ,Heart of Darkness , The Departed " were the best episodes...... 10 stars to last episode and 9 star to season 3.