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These actors all brought their own notably unique interpretations of "The Devil"/Satan/Lucifer and similarly likened characters to the big and small screen with positive and impressionable effect.
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Not just women who've been in horror and sci-fi, don't ask me to add to this list. It's a list of my personal favourites.
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A list of actors who have portrayed The Punisher in any capacity - movies, television, animated or internet.
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Striving to create the definitive list of most popular B-Movie actors and successful actors who either cut their teeth on B-Movies or who descended into B-Movies when their careers nosedived. Regardless, these people made B-Movies worthwhile!
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All the women you remember from the classic action movies.
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My favourite mafia actors, the guys that impressed with that one hitman/cleaner role, and the feature actors that played their goons.
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You love them, yet you once hated them. You hate them, but you can't deny their achievements. They were prettyboys and models, yet they proved to be surprisingly good actors.
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Subject to opinion as you might like crap movies, but then you might think everything here is crap, which some admittedly is, but it's still a better zombie movie than World War Z!
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The definitive Marvel Universe cast that will never happen. You have your own opinions, everybody does, here are mine.
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It's never going to happen, at least not the way it ought to. Marvel has too much moneymaking on its agenda to want to make a definitive and loyal adaptation to their very own comic book Universe. But if you want a realistic and thoroughly gripping Marvel movie universe, you want these actors.
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A list of lesser known classics, rare examples of great film making and inspirational B-Movies!
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Whether they were actors in comedy that went on to prove themselves dramatically, were proven actors long before they performed a comedy role or even if they are still best loved for comedy and stick to what they do best, these actors have packed a punch hard enough to bruise funny bones everywhere and have made comedies so much more memorable than most!
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This is a list of my favourite films based around war and the military, not what I assume the majority of audiences thinks is the best but what I grew up with and also therefore what I appreciate for either carrying on the tradition or breaking the mold respectively!
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Don't expect all modern CGI epics, I don't think the best of them!
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The good, the bad and the clearly insane. A list of the directors Hollywood will never learn from!
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My list of recommendations for both the coinnoseur and the newcomer. WARNING!!! May contain traces of straight-to-video releases...