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It's going to take a few watches., 1 April 2007

This is a John Duigan movie, one of my favourite directors. I love the way he wraps an entertaining movie around an art film. Every time I re-watch one of his films I find more of the symbolism of the art film inside. I've only seen this one once so far -on Showcase in Canada-, so I'm holding any vote till later, if I can get it on DVD. Apparently it hasn't been released in North America yet.

What strikes me most so far are parallels with The Pink Panther. I love those films too, but hated Clouseau/Sellers. I have a feeling it will be the same here. Some people have pointed out that Sharif's cameo was pointless. But Sharif/Victor=Niven/Phantom complete with complicit wife and had to be in there somewhere. Duigan used the tale "Baba Yaga and the little girl" in Lawn Dogs, but Victor represented a different Baba Yaga reference similar to Bartok the Magnificent.

It takes a while to get into Duigan movies, but it is well worth the effort. I'm even willing to put the effort into Paranoid. I'll edit and expand on this next time I watch it which I plan to do many times.

I, Robot (2004)
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Issac is rolling over in his grave., 30 October 2005

As best I can figure out, this movie was written by someone whom has gathered vast tidbits of Asimov's philosophies without ever reading any of his books. Asimov's entire Future History seems to have been compressed into this one movie.

If you liked the promos and trailers, if you appreciate presentation over substance (the special effects were cool), you will probably like this movie. If you are a fan of Issac Asimov and want to enjoy his creations brought to life, avoid this at all costs. Maybe, someday, a true fan will create a quality television series called "I, Robot" and faithfully bring Asimov's vision to life.

This is the only movie that I have downloaded that I could have gone out and rented (I do download movies that are unavailable. If I like them, I by a copy. Since most of these titles cost up to 4 times as much as other DVDs, I need to know what I am getting before I buy). I was totally turned off by the teasers, but I did read some positive views here on IMDb. If it was as bad as I expected, in no way did I want to reward the producers. I still believe in that. If I did like it, I would buy a DVD version. My recommendation. If you are curious, as I was, download it, waste 2 hours of you life watching it, then delete it.

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I think I found it., 23 March 2005

I have been wandering around IMDb for a couple of years now, looking for a movie to see if I find it as funny now as I did then. I think I found it. All I remember is the basic plot and one outrageous scene. It's about a girl who wakes up with male genitals in addition to her female ones. A doctor says he can operate, returning her to a single sex. Either sex. She wants to try out being a boy first.

The scene I remember most is when she(he) tells her best friend, another girl the same age (10-12). She doesn't believe it for an instant, so she(he) shows her. The friend, confronted with her first ever penis, wants to examine it closer, but she(he) says "NO WAY!" That scene has stuck with me forever. Unforgettable.

That is all I remember, other than the fact I enjoyed it at the time. That was many years ago. Too bad it isn't available on video or DVD.

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What a waste of time., 24 July 2004

This movie was nothing but an excuse for violence. I'm glad they created their own flashbacks because it separates this trash from the original (book and movie). In the original, Lot 6 was nothing but a variation of a hallucinogen that went terribly warped. Rainbird was nothing but a hit-man with a fascination about death. He didn't care about Charlie except for what he imagined he would be able to see in her eyes when she died.

In this trash they made Rainbird the head honcho of the Lot 6 program and stated that it was all on purpose. The whole storyline made no sense. They managed to get a couple of big names who must cringe when they see how the movie came out.

What a waste of time. I missed perfectly good reruns to watch this. I stuck with it, hoping it would get better but it only got worse.