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best visual treat of 2010 after inception, 15 December 2010

anyone who had read c s lewis's master piece the chronicles of narnia they would know the film doesn't really stray from the original plot. so its needless to go into the details. what amazed me was the brilliance in cinematography and the camera work. the ethereal world of narnia seemed every bit real and close as it seemed surreal !!! the scenes involving the ship and very magical creature were high lights of the movie though i was a little upset that they didn't feature aslan more in the movie. its great to see liam neesan anywhere. but as aslan's voice he is amazing... and ya.. eustace looked the part !!! good work kiddo there is another book featuring eustace . hope they make that movie

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heartbreakingly beautiful painfully mesmerizing, 23 August 2010

its been 4 years and i still feel the same about the movie. the affect stays with long after you are done watching it the first time .. oh yes you would wanna watch it time and again, knowing it will break your heart every time you do !!! many people call it a gay movie.. i don't think its fair either to the movie or to the gay community in general to call it a gay movie. the story is about unending love thriving surviving and hurting in a very hostile world.. we all been there ..have not we? gay or straight ? two astonishing characters ..jack and enis and an unforgettable tale of love and longing and tragedy ... what else there is to say ? the directer ang lee and heath legder and jake G had given us something to think about ... its true we cant expect a brave new world which will readily accept eniss and jacks of the world ... but we can hope cant we? heartbreakingly beautiful painfully mesmerizing!!!!! watch it at least once... its an experience of a lifetime.

Disco Pigs (2001)
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a surreal tragedy, 21 August 2010

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whats the color of love ? ... one of world's unanswerable questions of all time perhaps. thats why no one attempts to answer it. its so futile. normal people don't that is. but runt and pig did try.. and thats what got them into trouble. joined at birth runt and pig were destined to be spiritual twins the shared unhealthy camaraderie which was more than borderline obsessive on pig's part. they chose to live in a fantasy world away from the gaze of the madding crowd . perhaps unaware of the fact they would not survive a day in the real !!!! the fixation with each other led them to a tragedy unforeseen by anyone. this is a film which emotionally draining , hard to digest , violent in content and extremely unrealistic but so mesmerizing you ll want to see it over and over again .. its like the perfect dose of heroin for a drug junkie... i gave it 10/10 for its sheer brilliance and audacity . this is a film not only worth watching but to own. a cult classic!!!! thank you ireland for giving us cillian murphy and elaine cassidy. the film would not have been the same without them. i have not had the fortune to see elaine in anything else.. ireland is lucky to have them both. cillian ,, he is an exceptional talent. stay away from Hollywood junk cillian .you are too good for them !!!!

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a sad tale of love & longing thats breaks your heart, 19 August 2010

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i donno which made me yelp in silent pain more , , , was it mike's longing for his mother who abandoned him when he was small , his incurable narcolepsy , or the fact that he was irrevocably in love in with Scot who does not share the feeling and deserts him the same way his mother did years ago ? your heart goes out to mike who has nothing to live for .... its a film thats heart felt.. that makes you wanna cry out .. and hold mike in your arms , tell him everything will be okay.. but it wont .. and you ll know it ..thats splits your heart into two .. an astonishing performance from both the leads.. keanu is as good in emotional scenes as he is in scifi ... what can i say of river phoenix? like heath ledger his absence will never be filled... an amazing talent incredible performance in this movie should have earned him an Oscar i ll like to thank the director for making this movie... reminds us we are still human ...

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the movie that stays with you forever, 15 August 2010

personally i never thought any movie could top broke back mountain . it was my favorite movie of all times.. and then breakfast on pluto happened !!!! the movie is based on patrick mcnabe's novel of the same title and traces the life of patrick braden over years. cillian Murphy plays patrick " kitten " braden , a dreamy , beautiful and flamboyant orphan who rediscovers himself slowly and begins the journey of his life with the hope of meeting with his long lost mother but his journey turns out not just a vehicle and it becomes his destination. it is during the course of this journey he realizes who he really is and becomes " kitten " a cross dressing transvestite, a character you cant help falling in love with. at one point you ll forget kitten is not a girl [ though she never said she was unlike the crying games] .. murphy gives a career defining performance ... he was in one word " amazing" this is one actor one is capable of pulling anything off .. even being a woman ... and what a beautiful woman kitten was <3 ..he is an actor to look out for.. watch the movie for its sheer brilliance, the emotions it will evoke will stay with you forever.. i watched this movie twice already ... and i cant get enough of it .. watch it for kitten.. she is astounding!!!!

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watching the detectives, 14 August 2010

the reason i gave 10/10 to this movie because it was immensely enjoyable and was a fun ride . it was one of those comedies where you don't really have to think or speculate too much .. you need to lie back and enjoy the little moments. lucy liu was so adorable in the movie .. loved her antics in almost every scene .. and cillian murphy ... wow this guy is talented ..he had done some really really intense and even dark roles ... it was so refreshing to see him doing a rom com .. he just made me more greedy . am eagerly waiting to see him doing more romantic films in the future ... enough with the zombie movies already !!!! over all if you don't try to think too hard ..or side step your habit of judging every movie on earth you ll love this one ... it way better than some of the movies which had previously masqueraded as comedies !!!!!