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Some time late in high school I started really getting into movies. My parents had introduced me to old classics like the Marx Brothers, the Pink Panther series, and Hitchcock films, but I wanted to broaden the scope of my film knowledge. I made it a goal to one day see every movie on the AFI Top 100, and while that particular goal has fallen by the wayside a little bit (incidentally I'm 66/100 on those), the main idea is still there: I'm on a mission to see the best films ever made.

To that end, I signed up for a Netflix account in May 2009 and started tackling an enormous list of movies. I included movies that are included on lists of the best films of all time, movies with cult followings, and movies that conquered the box office. I had already seen classics like Psycho, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction, and Memento before then. Even with this pretty big list, my queue is still 138 films long, and hasn't significantly gotten shorter.

The list also includes movies I saw in theaters during this time period.
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It's incredibly hard to make a list this short. I had to sacrifice quite a few of my favorites to make a list I felt had good balance and no weak links.

Admittedly it's a little AFI-heavy, and there's an inordinately high percentage of movies from the last decade. Although some of these films will never leave this list, I do plan on updating it as I continue watching (and re-watching) movies.

They're ordered chronologically, because I don't think it's productive to rank lists like this.
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When it comes to TV, I generally prefer comedies to dramas. I think the medium of TV lends itself to comedy in a unique way, and great things have been done with TV comedies, especially in the last ten years.
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If you were forever exiled to a desert island that - inexplicably - had all the necessary A/V equipment, what five movies would you choose to bring, and watch for the rest of your life?

Of course most people have more than five favorite movies, but forcing you to choose is an interesting exercise: you can get at what really matters to you.

My five:
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A list of movies that are notable for incredibly well-written dialogue. They may have great cinematography or editing, often a great story, but sharp, witty dialogue is what drives them.
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Listed in roughly chronological order

Most of my favorite directors have very specific, recognizable visual styles. Also, a lot of them are also the writers for most, if not all, of their films. I guess I particularly like auteurs.

It's really difficult to narrow the list down to just ten, but if you just make a list of every director you like, you're not being very discriminating. Unfortunately that also means I left out masters like Terrence Malick, David Lynch, Clint Eastwood, and Paul Thomas Anderson. But I'm not against revising the list as I see more movies.

For most of these directors I've seen at least five of their films. A few of the more recent ones (or the ones I only recently discovered) are exceptions.