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Like to see movies with these guys,

I rated the movies i seen from best to worst.
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These movies have a tendency to expand our thinking. Not in the movie itself, but in our own life. Our social interaction with one another, power of the mind, life and death, the dreaming world, time and space.

It may give more questions than answers.

You may not agree that some of these movies are not Philosophical movies. But to me it opens a "new thinking", I reflect my own ordinary life and reality. After the movie has ended I still have an lasting emotion that influence me.
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favorite films of all time.

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Here is listed my top Sci-Fi movies that I enjoy. I always will update this page true times. I'm a Sci-fi fan and I hope you enjoy this collection of films.

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This collection of movies are against some problem, small as big. The message is strong, either to show the truth or for working against something that is wrong in the system/world.

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*Spoiler warning
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Some of the most beautiful womens.

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This movies are not just a giggle... This is laugh out comedy! (Of course in my opinion)

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