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Great Show overall. This was a painfully cliché episode! Did the network write this episode?, 16 August 2016

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Overall this was a great show aside from this episode. It didn't even seem like it was directed or written by the same people. It was such a painfully cliché episode... it seemed like it was stolen from an 1980's early 90's sitcom. For a show that was typically so original they completely bent over on this episode. All I could figure is; this was an episode made specifically to please the network. Maybe the network was upset about there being too much anti authority going on... perhaps they were getting heat from people who interpreted the show as belittling drug use and underage drinking, so they went so far to the extreme on this episode it would make a anti drug public service announcement cringe. Lindsey smokes weed then finds out that she previously made arrangements to babysit. As a result of smoking weed Lindsey acts as though she's on a very deep acid trip. It's embarrassing to watch. I figured it would be unanimous that this was a hated episode, but anytime you have an emotional episode where one of your main characters dies or almost dies as in this instance you're naturally going to receive significantly inflated ratings. Parts of the episode was good. I did like the Bill story-line, but the rest of the episode was extremely corny.

The Walk (2015/II)
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Watch Man on a Wire Instead. This is a Ridiculously Bad Movie! Even the Last 30 Minutes is Nothing of Note!, 1 June 2016

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What a strange movie. The movie is narrated over by Joseph Gorden-Levitt as Philippe Petit, which is especially weird since a Documentary Man on A Wire was already exists that does this. Why not just do a dramatization of events rather than a documentary narrative style recreated? Which does not play out well. For one, Philippe Petit (the wire walker)is a very dramatic and expressive when telling the story, which is great for a documentary style when he's telling the story, but when you have an American actor doing an over dramatic French accent narrative to copy the real life guy, it comes across as a bad actor doing an over the top French accent (there's really no way you get it right as an actor).

The dialogue style is one of the worst that I've ever seen, especially since it's based on real life events. It's the kind of movie if you were involved in it in anyway you ask to be permanently removed from the credits. One of the silliest moments is the cop scene on the roof.... I can't even put it into words. The dialogue and the acting style is very cartoonish and/or like something you would see on the Three Stooges. This style is prevalent throughout. I really have no idea what the director was going for. It's embarrassing! I'm embarrassed for any movie critic who gave this a positive review (they have no business being a movie critic). I understand that some will agree that it's a dreadful movie, but the visuals in the last 30 minutes make it worth it.... not really. The special effects/visuals are nothing to be admired and even if they were, it shouldn't have the power to carry such a ridiculously bad movie.

Spoilers Of course they change things to make it more movie friendly which is fine, but how it actually ended is a bit different. Essentially this Philippe Petit dude instantly got a really big head upon completing the wire walk. He gets released from jail while two of his friends get extradited back to France (banned from the US forever) and Philippe gets cleared (which is fine). I believe it's the same day or the day after when he gets released, he's doing press conferences when some chick wants to give him a warm celebration so he goes off and does that while leaving his girlfriend and friends hanging and it doesn't stop there, he essentially permanently leaves all of his friends and people associated with the wire walk hanging. So all of his friends who made it possible for him to achieve this dream and who were there with him from the beginning, he dropped all of them like a bad habit the second he was done with his wire walk. He never spoke to his girlfriend or any of the many people involved with it ever again... not even a thank you. It's actually a very bitter sweet ending to the documentary, which is what you should watch and skip over this piece of garbage of a movie.

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Weird Movie, Weird Style! It lacks Emotion... Was That The Point?, 19 May 2016

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What a perplexingly weird movie. What makes it even weirder is, it's based on a real person and event. Typically if a movie is based around a real event, the movie goes for more of a realism type approach, but I'm not sure what the the movie was trying to achieve? Did they not want to depress the audience, so they decided to cover this story in a way that the audience wouldn't have to be emotionally impacted by it? Where to begin? When Dieter (Christian Bale) gets captured and brought to the leader (not sure the leaders title). His demeanor was that of a US teenager in Europe for spring break or at least the way movies like to portray American teens over seas. Cocky, like the world owes them something and just immature, whereas I can't imagine anyone in a situation where they were captured acting like that.

It gets weirder as it goes into the various torture thing they do to Dieter... it's done in more of a comedic way, rather than upsetting. The fact that it's based on a real person makes me think that no, and someone completely dropped the ball and if I had to guess that someone was Christian Bale. As if he was incapable of playing this role and it came out in more of a dark comedic style. And they went a little over board with the insanity part of it. Then when is friend gets his head hacked off, it's not a sad moment and it isn't sad for Dieter either. Anyways, I give up trying to figure this movie out. It felt as though the movie was on anti depressants.... no emotion whatsoever in reference to things that should have been really upsetting.

Room (2015/I)
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Yet another modern day trend of the plot-less tale. Very pretentious! Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, kids are painfully bad actors!, 18 March 2016

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It's a movie that is a overrated just a bit, because it isn't a bad movie, rather it just feels like a partially told story. It just ends randomly somewhere near the beginning of the body. It's very pretentious of the movie to feel as though it doesn't have to tell a story or tie up any loose ends because it alludes that there's some deep underlining theme going on that it's tracking instead, when in all actuality it's relatively mundane. Watching/listening to kids act is painful enough let alone making a young kid a lead in a movie. Very ambitious, yet insane to attempt it. At the end of the day you get your typical kid who can't act attempting to act and sound cute. And would you please cut the kids hair already. It was like watching that chick who comes out of the well in the Ring... spoiler - no wonder why the dad wouldn't look at the freaky looking kid. Speaking of which, another story line the show buries. Good news though, they cut the kids hair with about 5 minutes to spare.

"Survivor" (2000)
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After 31 Seasons, Survivor Still Remains an Awesome Show!, 27 January 2016

As far as entertainment goes, at times it really doesn't get any better than Survivor. Especially the first season or two you watch. I've never been the type of person to change up my plans or not schedule any plans just because a show I liked was going to be on TV... that is until Survivor (the first season or two I watched that is). I would be so exited leading up to the show and be completely enthralled throughout. I remember cramming for my midterms/finals and even though I didn't have any extra time to spare I couldn't skip out on Survivor (a couple times).

As a viewer it can be an emotional roller coaster, which is why it takes a rare breed to endure several seasons of Survivor, but I think it's worth it too endure it. You'll probably have to take a several year hiatus multiple times, but it's always enjoyable and rewarding to start watching it again. I'd be willing to bet the reason why many people stop watching is because of frustration, rather than lack of entertainment. Frustration because of bad winners, emotionally retarded people not being voted off, etc, etc. One of the first hurdles most people have to get through is; often times the better physical as well as mental players will get voted out early more often than not (more so as the show has gone on compared to the beginning). The key to enduring that and the show as a whole, is to except the luck factor. Sure there's all the cliché talk during the show of people saying, you beat me because your still in the game and I got voted off or people going out with 3 left and saying I got 4th place. It's one thing for a contestant to say you outplayed me because you made it further, because that's just being a good sport, but it's a completely different thing for the viewer to have such a naive/dimwitted/idiotic way of observing the game. Forget all that nonsense... accept the fact that there is a ton of luck in the game (for example one contestant won the game twice and this person is probably in the bottom 5 of all time winners in ref to strategy), sometimes more than others. While frustrating at times the luck factor keeps the game exciting, because anything can happen and anyone for the most part can win. Also in the very early seasons if someone was emotionally retarded they would get the boot early, but as the seasons progress the socially inept people often times make it deep in the game, because it strategically makes sense to keep non threatening players in the game (though seldom win it). Which is why the 3rd/4th/5th/6th/etc. place talk is so ridiculous because there are a multitude of reasons why people land where they do that are external to skill level and ability to play the game. If a player goes deep in the game, but never puts themselves in a place to have a shot at winning and someone else has their cards lined up so that if they do go to the end they can possibly win, but end up getting the boot at 10... the 10 is way more impressive. Anywho, I had to take several leaves of absence along the way, with the longest being after season 6 (over 5 years)... got sick of the jury asking the question, if you win what would you do with the money and emotional nonsense external to the game dictating the winners, but I was pleasantly surprised coming back after my leave to watch seasons 7 and 8. BTW for the most part as the seasons progress the jury starts basing the winners on the game they played.

Anyways they do an awesome job with the show as a whole, even though they most likely metal with the game, trying to keep the entertaining players in the game longer... ironically more so in the earlier seasons, because so much was depending on the future of the show. The show has always been good at spoofing on itself right from the first season. The cutting room and the camera people have a good sense of humor. Something as simple as someone being angry or super dramatic and then the show pans to an animal that's analogous to the situation. If the show wasn't spoofing on itself (in a sense) this would come across really corny, but instead it's hilarious and there are several subtleties such as this that enhances the overall show. Anyways, I'm rambling on too long, so I'm just going to cut out, but if you stopped watching the show or haven't seen it as of yet, I highly recommend this show, there are few if any shows that are as entertaining as Survivor, especially when you're new to it.

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Visually Awesome! Mundane Storyline! Bear Scene is Epic! Overall Worth Watching!, 23 January 2016

The one thing that really got me thinking upon completing this film is, how did DiCaprio know that this was going to be a good movie? I can't imagine anything about the script would cause an A list actor to jump on the role. It's essentially a vengeance type film (someone wronged/killed you or your family)... this film adds the extra element that the hero has to achieve this while being on deaths door and has to drudge through insanely beautiful terrain to do it. Also to note, the bear attack scene is unbelievable! It's the best CGI I've ever seen. Anyways, did DiCaprio go to a psychic, or maybe I'm just missing something? I would love to know what caused him to choose this role? I can imagine he wanted the challenge of doing something different from anything he had ever done before. With one of the big challenges in this role being very little dialogue and having to rely on facial expressions etc. Very difficult role and he was excellent as always (I'm not sure if this will get him the best actor nomination, but it may). I can imagine one of the motivating factors was, Dicaprio had just completed Wolf of Wall street, which I wouldn't be surprised if it holds the record for the most dialogue for a character in the history of cinema. So DiCaprio now jumps completely on the opposite side of the spectrum in this film.

Overall this movie is worth the watch for most people. As I said, the plot is very simple, but the visuals are perfect.

Some nit picks, which has spoilers. Watching the hero of the film drudge around in constant pain gets to be kind of draining. I can take it for a little bit, but dude! And when Hugh (Dicaprio) eventually catches up to the villain dude... I understand they want to make it suspenseful, but to me it comes across really lame and cheesy when everything for the most part had taken the straight arrow realistic movie style to that point only for it to result in your typical hero meets villain final fight scene, with back and forths with both people getting stabbed and beat etc. Hugh had been spot on with the gun up until the final scene where he grazes the villain at point blank range. Now we get to watch Hugh take more abuse...oye very!!! I would have rather the suspense revolve around the villain breaking away from Hugh to were it seems as though he just might be home free only for Hugh to do something drastic in order to find him and/or catch up with him. No need for corny back and forths.

"Dexter" (2006)
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Original, Awesome Characters, Darkly Funny etc.. One of the best show series of all time!, 2 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you like Dexter, you are essentially screwed because there are no other shows that are even slightly like it. I got to the Dexter party a little late having just seen it for the first time a couple months back and have since seen it two times around. I can easily say that Dexter is one of the greatest show series ever made and I have a tendency to be quite the harsh critic. Of course the show had some flaws at times and the ending was unfortunate, but overall the show was a masterpiece. Some people weren't the biggest fans of seasons 5, 6 & 8, but I still really enjoyed those seasons. Even a bad season of Dexter is better than 99% of show series out there.

Dexter is a dark comedy that's done in such a way to where the viewer doesn't really feel the full morbidity of most of the deaths throughout the show (aside from the Rita death), the show manages to put the viewer in Dexter shoes, so you kind of feel it the way Dexter does, yet still maintain a realistic vibe to it. Dexter has a special charm to it that I don't think can be mimicked. Other shows such as the Sopranos and Breaking Bad (which I also really like), I was happy with both Tony Soprano & Walter White meeting their demise, but surprisingly I'm on board with the serial killing Dexter to ride off into the sunset, having the happy ending. I think it takes a tremendous amount of talent for both the actor and writing staff to successfully pull that off. Of course (spoiler) they didn't take advantage of that rare instance, where the "the societal rule breaker" actually gets to live a happy life in the end, they instead fall into the cliché of "societal rule breaker" must pay the ultimate price and it falls into the same old gargantuan cliché.

The big theme throughout the entire show is/was Dexter slowly becoming more human & particularly in the last season morphing into a human, only to not utilize it. I would have even been okay with Dexter becoming so human that he indeed kills himself in the boat in the end & it would've been very poetic. It would've also been fitting for Deb's death to be the final blow that transitioned him to be done with his killing ways with the only way to justify and/or deal with Deb's death would be to go off and meet up with Hannah and his kid swearing never to kill again. Nonetheless, I think the show gets unfairly docked, due to the ending… yes the ending blows, but that shouldn't undo the masterpiece that this show was/is. More information has come out about the shows ending and what went wrong & it's mostly what I suspected. One of the things that came out at the time was; they weren't able to kill off Dexter due to the network trying to create a spin off series. But more recently in just this last year the creator said, that they just ran out of time, which makes sense, because the storyline for the final season is actually very good, but you could tell many of the scenes felt rushed...they did back to back seasons, so season 8 would've benefited having the usual downtime to tidy things up. One of the sillier things about the ending was/is, Dexter is declared dead just because they found his wrecked boat. Has this ever happened in the history of mankind? Yet, it's printed in the newspapers as so, and Batista and Hannah just take this at face value and go on with their life.

I really liked the Hannah McKay character & was intrigued right from the start about her story as a whole (beginning in season 7) & the overall Dexter Hannah relationship. In theory I would have never imagined the show being able to pull off a Dexter relationship where I wouldn't be skeptical, but Hannah compliments him perfectly. She was someone who knew Dexter for who he really was, yet wasn't attracted to him for his murderous ways. She was one of the only people throughout the entire show that Dexter respected on an intellectual level (not even Deb fell into that category) and I would have to say that I have more faith in a Dexter/Hannah relationship working out in comparison to nearly every corny romance movie/show ever made where two people fall in love and the show ends. Hannah was/is also an awesome actress that I don't think got the props she deserved for her role. Her final scene in Dexter was atrocious, but the fault was in the writing and or how it was directed. She essentially is informed of Dexter's non-body finding death and forms some very genuine tears for about one second, sucks it up and moves on with her and the kid's life, ruining what should have been a heartfelt/emotional moment. I could see if she sucked back the tears, because she realized that Dexter likely faked his death, but that was not the case and she obviously had enough feelings for Dexter to risk everything for him on multiple occasions.

It's difficult to put into words, but this show just resonated with me. I liked just about every character on the show… All of the characters were very original.

Just a funny note – I don't know what happened in season four with the makeup, but it's the only time that I know of in a movie/show I could say that the makeup department miserably failed. Dexter looks like a tranny half the time with bright purple lipstick and Rita is so orange that she looks like an Umpa Loompa. Rita looks so adorable in the first 2 ½ seasons or so before they started using a spatula to put on her makeup. What were they thinking?

Powder (1995)
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It's Like Seinfeld without the humor!, 24 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just randomly thought of this movie again, since I remembered it being one of the most pointless movies I had ever seen.

Essentially, if someone's different everyone will unprovokingly F with them and treat them like crap, then they'll be struck by lightning and die. That's the extent of this movies underlying message. None of the people involved in messing with Powder ever really come to any realization, like, maybe we shouldn't be messing with some dude minding his own business over there and others could have realized, maybe we could have learned something from this goth dude with superpowers. Even the one chick who was the nicest to Powder, was still unprovokingly a chaunch to him half the time as well.

I would imagine that the story for this movie probably was deep and had a purpose, but anything of meaning/substance was trimmed away and it ended up being a pointless piece of crap.

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This Is/Was My Favorite Show Of All Time (Particularly The 1st Season), 16 October 2015

At the time when the 1st season was airing I hadn't really ever followed or watched a show series in it's entirety before (this was the first time). I've since watched, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Lost, Dexter, 6 Feet Under and I totally loved everyone of those shows... but I even put Spartacus above all those amazing shows. I don't have an affinity towards ancient Rome or ancient Rome themed movies, but this show was just awesome. The 1st season in particular was amazing... you just have to get through the pilot (the pilot is the weakest episode of the season). A friend of mine had watched the first couple episodes and stopped watching until I told him how amazing the show was, so he went back and watched it and dug it as well.

The over the top gore and nudity is hard to explain. It's done in such a way to where it's corny, but the show knows it's being corny about it, if that makes any sense? During battles in the arena they'll pan into the stands and the women will be ripping their clothes's actually really funny. I'm not a violence or gore guy, but the gore is so over the top that I laugh and cheer it on, rather then being grossed out and disturbed by it. The last episode of the 1st season "Kill Them All" is sooo beyond epic! The CGI is another thing that's kind of misunderstood. It's done with the purpose of being exaggerated as well (like the nudity). The blood almost looks as though it's 3D, actually a lot of the Arena scenes have a cool 3D feel to it. I realize I haven't dove into anything of substance, such as describing the storyline or plot, but without specifics it's great (I would go one for too long, if I start going down that road)! It seems to be a show, where people either love it or hate it.

The first half of the 2nd season wasn't very good though. Combination of getting used to a new actor playing Spartacus and it's a much more challenging premise to write on, being outside of the Arena. it's the reason why the 3rd book/movie of the Hunger Games inevitably was going to suck (I realize completely different shows)! Anytime a plot revolves around two bodies of people at war with one another, you have to creatively build some really good side stories to the point where that becomes the main story and the war becomes a side plot, otherwise it will fail every time. Anyways, the 3rd season overcomes such an insane writing challenge and surprisingly is really good. I actually wasn't very excited going into the 3rd season, but man was I wrong.

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Surprisingly Dreadful! Worst Character Development Ever Seen! Zombies Are More Realistic Then The Characters! But Becomes Enjoyable from the 3rd Season On., 21 September 2015

Actually I have an update for this review and it's actually much more positive. The second season is probably worse than the first, but from the 3rd season on I started to find this show enjoyable. I don't take back what I said about the first 2 seasons though.

Over the last few years I've watched several of the popular show series (late to the party), with good reputations (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Lost, Dexter) and the public hasn't let me down yet.... that is, until this piece of garbage. Obviously The Walking Dead doesn't deserve to be in the company of those other shows, since it's as B rate as a show can possibly get, but the ratings and popularity embarrassingly put it among the greats. I feel as though I just woke up in this zombie apocalypsesk society or maybe I'm on the Truman show and it's some elaborative joke that everyone is playing on me. Looking through the most objective lens imaginable... how could anyone enjoy this horribly written show? I toughed out the first season, but that's as far as I go, I would rather punch myself in the nuts for 45 minutes then watch the next episode.

There is nothing this show does well. There's nothing relate-able in any of the characters. The characters are so fictionalized one finds themselves looking to the zombies for any human connection. If you've ever seen a bad B rate horror film, imagine that on crack and you have the Walking Dead. And by crack I don't mean that the action levels are amped I mean the continuous irrational actions and lack of reasoning among all of the characters involved are at a record high. This type of writing is as cheap as it gets because it forces a story-line rather than using creativity to build one. It's OK to occasionally do this, but when it's 100% of the time it's beyond silly. How can anyone have an interest in any of the characters? Since when is it fun to watch characters fight among each other non-stop about every little mundane thing? It's not, it's uncomfortable and painful to watch.

The only thing the show has to offer is, it occasionally breaks away from the characters to give you some cool looking zombies. I read a blurb somewhere, where one of the schlock artists involved in this garbage actually had the nerve to say the show isn't about the zombies, it's about the characters. How embarrassing, if that's the extent of your character developing abilities, could you please make it about the zombies? So I do take it back that the show does nothing well, the zombies are pretty cool looking even though in all actuality they would pose no real threat… one has to wonder how they would even be able to build their numbers to the point where they could be somewhat of a threat (I don't doc the show for this, just to note).

Anyways, I'm baffled how someone can create such garbage only to be further incentivized to create more of it, because for some unfathomable reason it's popular. I can't begin to understand why. It's one of the most baffling things I've ever witnessed. Maybe the show uses triggers to put people in hypnotic states, because there is no way this show should be popular.

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