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Dil Dosti Etc juxtapositions many oddities together, 10 August 2010

Set in modern Delhi(Delhi university to be precise), the movie juxtapositions many oddities together. To begin with, the character Sanjay Mishra(Shreyas Talpade), is your quintessential hinterland hero, emotional, with his earthy middle class values, providing a background for his (very ruthless) ambitions. Quite a contrast to this is the aimless Apurv, spectacularly portrayed by Imad Shah...He's cold, aimless, aloof and his mind operates in a space which is distinctly gray, but at the same time colorful. He exemplifies the new liberal man, who's defining character is his ability to negotiate in that ethical never land...Although I should add that though Apurv comes across as cold, he never appears calculating or Machiavellian....Sanjay's girlfriend Prerna is what I would call a perfect example of misplaced western-ism in the garb of modernity, the kind you encounter most in the metros...Ishita Sharma, who plays Kintu, symbolizing the next-gen the verge of sexual liberation, but still consider it important to cloak their expletives in a hogwash of codes(if you remember Juno, and the scene where her friend goes 'Phuket Thailand'...)....

Overall the film portrays precisely the kind of societal changes going on in India...An urban elite who are too cocksure about their 'modern' values, a small town guy who holds on to his imagined traditional values, ambitious but often confused by big city people and their elitist habits...And in the end of it all, the intellectually ambiguous Apurv reducing everything to 'Sanjay is dead, and I survived'...So at the end it all boils down to cold facts, and nothing else....