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It's clear some reviewers weren't mature enough for this film...., 25 June 2005

This was not a film about "action", nor was it "boring", unless you are the type that requires external stimulation as a substitute for actually thinking. This was a very poignant film about human rights and what, exactly, being human means. As another reviewer said, the climactic ending brought me to tears. This is not a film that should be viewed by a bunch of kids at a sleepover... it will be totally lost and wasted on them. This is a film that should be shown in every political science and philosophy class for discussion. Don't let the pathetic reviews scare you away if you can find this movie... it was the viewer that was lacking, not the film...

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Not sappy enough to deserve less than "8" for the good parts, 28 June 2003

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I couldn't believe it when I saw a 6 something for this movie! Ok, so there are some sappy parts (mostly involving Fred Savage) and Mindy Cohn REALLY got on my nerves, the the genuine sense of love you can feel coming from the other actors more than garners the movie at least an "8". Being of that persuasion, I was POSITIVE Eric really could fly from the start, but at that moment, when the took the plunge, my heart went with them, and when Eric knew he had to go or be studied to death, I think my heart broke for both of them.