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Pleasantly Surprised!, 31 August 2010

Film: The Last Exorcism Year: 2010 My Rating: 7/10

A lot of people have been downing this movie because it is, cliché or just another exorcism movie. But I tend to like movies like this, I mean I didn't really enjoy Emily Rose, but I thought that Paranormal Activity was pretty good, and well, The Exorcist was obviously a classic! So I went to the theatre and watched this with a neutral attitude, and I have to say that I was very happy with what I saw!

I don't know what people were talking about when they said it was BAD! It seems these days that if someone tries to bring back original aspects of horror (The Exorcist) in a new way people automatically dismiss the film. Okay it was slow to start but once it got into it my heart was racing! I loved the ending and thought it was well thought out and surprising.

Also, the girl who played Nell was a great young actress, she was great when she was possessed by the demon and was real convincing! And Patrick Fabian was great as Cotton, the rest of the acting was pretty good too.

This was a good movie I don't care what anybody says, no horror movie comes out with people giving it a chance but people automatically thinking it's stupid. It really bothers me, I'll admit that horror is at an all time low for legit movies these days, but I still think that this, along with Paranormal Activity and 28 Days Later are horror classics of our time (that's still not saying much) but I still totally recommend this for any horror fan!



Machete (2010)
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Corny, Violent, Cheap, And AWESOME!, 28 August 2010

I caught a screening of this film not too long ago, and all I have to say is that it was an adrenaline rush! The violence was overwhelming, and the writing was cornily witty. Pretty good performances all around from Alba, Trejo, DeNiro, Seagal, Lohan and many a more. Great entertainment, perfect to sit down with some buddies on a Saturday night and have a good laugh.

No doubt in my mind this will do well in the box office, and well, not so well with the critics. But forget what the critics say this is a great flick, and a damn fun one too!

Plot: After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.


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Best Scorsese Film Since Goodfellas!, 15 August 2010

I did not get to watch this for awhile, last year to be exact. I at first did not understand why people were saying this was amazing, but after a few more watches this became one of my favourite movies of all time!

I could not believe all the great performances in this film, Mark Wahlberg in my opinion had the performance of his career, Leonardo DiCaprio was just Superb, Matt Damon was also great, and Jack Nicholson had the performance of the decade for him.

The directing was amazing, Martin Scorsese made it feel gritty, and rough around the edges and I loved it! Definitely a huge achievement for Scorsese and a well deserved Oscar on his part.

The writing was also great, the characters felt real and the dialogue definitely kept the movie rolling along smoothly. This is the best film in recent memory (The Prestige Comes Oh-So Close!) and was the obvious choice for best picture.

This Film is all around perfect and gets a 10/10 a rating I don't give out too often. This Is A MUST SEE!


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Not As Funny As They Say, But Still Funny, 15 August 2010

I read some early reviews on this movie and they absolutely raved about, saying it was hilarious. So I went in with some pretty high expectations, based on A) Great Reviews and B) Funny Trailer. So when I got out of the theatre I was slightly disappointed. It was funny don't get me wrong it was really funny, but the way people were talking about it, it was a classic. There were some quotable lines in their, some pretty funny scenes, making it better the Talladega Nights, but not as good as Anchorman or Step Brothers.

Adam Mckay made an appearance as Dirty Mike, in my two favourite scenes, and Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg played off of each other perfectly, but this is nothing but your slightly above average comedy, definitely worth a rent, but nothing to rave over.


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Just Another Stallone Film, 15 August 2010

When I first heard the cast of this movie in 2008, I knew it was going to be hyped up a lot. I had this feeling that it was going to be filled with corny jokes and references with a ridiculous amount of violence and people were going to hate it. Well i was half right. For some reason people seem to be raving about this movie, the blood was overly animated the jokes and references were as corny as ever, and the acting was alright. I do have to give props to all the actors for all the awesome hand to hand combat (especially Mr. Statham) At best this movie is a rent. It was exactly what i thought it would be. When I heard all the hype, I thought well maybe Stallone will surprise me and make this good, I was pretty wrong, and righting this review made me rethink my vote from being 6/10 to 5/10. Don't spend money on this!