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Hi there, this here is a list ofi my 250 favourite movies, though hopefully you would have guessed that from the title. I'm 18 years old, been watching movies for about a year and a half from the time of writing (January 2012).
The criteria for getting on this list is quite simple, I have to have seen it and rated it over a 7. One day the list may contain more than 250 movies, so the title's really just a rough estimate. Any titles that aren't otherwise rated I gave a 7. While I have tried my absolute best to put it in order, towards the end of the list it's probably best to take it with a pinch of salt as I may have forgotten films and it's hard to order 250 films. Hope you like my list :)
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these isnt a list of my favourite movies, but movies that i can appreciate to be perfect, practically beyond improvment. this doesnt mean i love, or even like all of them, but i can apreciate the work that went into them
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most of the movies i have seen, i saw for the first time when i was staying at my grandads house. these are the best
miss that old house...
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This list is for sequels that did not suffer a substantail drop in quality from the original

1-better than the original
2-as good as the original
3-not as good as the original but still very good
This is measured by both the quality of the movie and the scale of improvment over the original
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