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And their most rated film.


-The directors in the list have had directed at least 3 motion pictures by their own (no co-direction, no credits of production or script writing are countable). Exception here are with twin brothers like the Coen, the Dardenne or the Taviani.

-Only full length films are countable (60 minutes long at least, have had been shown in theatres or film festivals, not TV movies or short films)

-The fiction films directors has not counted their documentaries and viceversa.

-All nationalities or languages are able to be selected.

-If the information of a movie given by IMDb is not enough (no name of the actors in the film, no time given in the description, no date of release or no ratings) are not counted.

-The list is changing all time, but not daily, so there are going to be some ratings from movies and directors that are not acurate.

1.-The highest rating of the most rated film.
2.-The number of viewers of the most rated film.
3.-The number of films made by the director (lowest films made).
4.-The sum of the totally of the films ratings of the directors.
5.-The age of the most rated movie.
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a list of 10 titles
The best movies that premiered this year in Mexico and I had the chance to watch.
a list of 10 titles
A very selected list with 10 titles of the best in mexican cine
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And their most rated film
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a list of 100 titles
In order, year by year