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The Things we make are Our Responsibility, 9 February 2016

Including our Garbage... And corpses.

There were so many levels in this Glen Morgan written episode "Home Again", with the Humorous episode out of the way, we have as someone said "One Breath" but also elements of "Kaddish" and possibly "Arcadia". I don't see it as any kind of rehash or repeat of previous plot lines, because the mythology is remarkably different in each one.

We are responsible for what we create. Regardless of if it is a mound of trash, a child, a piece of art, a law, or a Homeless Shelter. Tim Armstrong from the bands "Rancid" and "Operation Ivy" is "The Trashman" - Hero of the Homeless, and creator of "Band-aid Nose Man" (John DeSantis) - An outward Expression of Trashman's beliefs, an expression which soon starts expressing a life of it's own, at the grisly expense of a few crooked politicians and "Art Stealers".

Meanwhile we have the return of Margaret Skully (Sheila Larkin)- And Dana dealing with that, the end result is that she starts thinking about William again. Was it the right thing to just give him away? At the time during Season 9, it was. But the Trashman's remarks stir up groaning too deep for words. At first he sounds like my neighbor when he gets drunk, until the "Profoundities" emerge, he's speaking directly to Skully.

The fact is, it is difficult to tell this story in 6 episodes. We've been through some of this in "William" and "The Truth" and there were some ironic parallels in Trashman's Lair, if we see what Skully sees there.

As a social statement, it's mostly about how the Homeless are fought over by two factions, lets call them the "red" and the "black" for now: It doesn't really matter if these people, played by Daryl Shuttleworth and Peggy Jo Jacobs are representing a political party or something else, Mulder basically identifies them right away as being motivated by the same thing: making money off of the needs of the Homeless, one wants to shunt them away to be forgotten and make money from them, the other wants to simply make money from them. And everyone involved eventually meets Mr. Band-aid Man.

It's also a little reminiscent of Season 6's "Arcadia" in which a man in charge of a homeowner's association is responsible for creating a huge Trash Monster. So in Kaddish, we had a bona-fide Golem, which was motivated by some kind of sense of loss and love and also empowered by Jewish Mysticism, Arcadia, in which the Garbagemonster was motivated by small infractions of someone's huge rule-book empowered by an eastern religion, eventually he is dealt with by the same unreasonable rules from his own book. Which usually happens when a religion keeps a "god-given" text that contains contradictory commands. This could be any religion.

But Skully's reflections at the denouement of this Episode pretty much say it outright, she is still responsible for William, and just as Margaret needed to talk to her youngest child, so too will Skully need to seek our her only remaining child. In all of this, have we forgotten Emily? But Emily's story is done, William's is at this point a big Question mark.

Musicwise, Glen Morgan once again shows his roots with Petulia Clark's "Downtown"

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Typically Darin Morgan, 2 February 2016

And it did seem like he was trying to push the comedy, but that's what made it even funnier. Especially with Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker as the "stoners" (from "War of the Coprophages" and "Quagmire"- They haven't changed!) it's just as absurd as those, even up a few notches because of better production value for the gags.

This is over the top, in some of the previous Darin Morgan episodes, maybe he held back. But here, he reaches for levels of insanity that he never attained previously, not even in previous X-Files and MillenniuM Eps. Mostly, he is parodying the absurdity of the times, where in these last few years we have seen an exponential increase of people actually believing things like 1) The Moon Landings were faked, 2) Lizard people have taken over the government, 3) Atlantis will rise from the Ocean and Lemuria will live again, and finally 4) The Earth is actually FLAT. Yes, there are people who believe this! Perhaps some of them rated this episode a 1-star. The sheer bulk of truly insane conspiracy theories that have been floating around on DiscloseTV makes even Mulder look sane. Maybe Darin spent a few days watching the latest Dren from there while writing this. It's possible. But just to be fair to the few valid videos that get uploaded to that station, however mostly it is just conspiracies now, less actual UFO stuff.

To enjoy this Episode is to laugh at what we have become, from Mulder's running Smartphone gags to the idea that Skully will go to town on a guy she's never met and have his baby. Of course, that was "Guy's" (Rhys Darby from Flight of the Concords) Skully-Fantasy, to make up for our own secret Skully fantasies. And Alex Daikun makes another X-Files appearance, his 3rd not including "I want to Believe" as the Squinty-Eyed manager.

The barrage of inanities erupting from Mulder leaves Skully no time to even respond, as he has all of her responses memorized now. So Mulder is really parodying his own character, much like Dave Duchovney did in the vastly underrated, mostly ignored but actually great film "Evolution" where he Moons the screen, and us, while saluting "Russell Woodman" (Ted Levine). David has a great Comedic sense, because of his ability to pull it off with a straight face.

Darin's episodes are so that you have to either love them a lot or scratch your head. But he creates beautiful... Well, they are Fairy Tales mostly, but he adds an almost Christmas quality to it, a very surreal tapestry and in the case of this episode it has threads that go back to earlier in the series. I feel it is his gift to us, and I accept it. But some people can't understand Darin's humor, ergo they hate it. Well, that's not my problem, it's theirs. They probably like Humor that is at the expense of someone else, where Darin has always been self-effacing in his Humor and even humble about it, never actually hurting anyone, while roasting and lambasting ideas like Scientology and other cults. There was a science fiction religion in El Cajon, California, which was based in a bookstore, "Aquarius Bookstore" on the corner of Main and Magnolia. It's long gone, but Darin parodies it in "Jose Chung's". He made fun of the concept but never the people who ran the store.

It is as if we are going to get "One of Each" of the different archetypes of X-Files "cases". so far, we've had the Mythos, the MOTW, and now the Comedy. Which is what makes X-Files so great, there is always something for everyone. And this episode did very well for going on during the Iowa Caucuses!

Easter Egg! Take note of Rys Darbie's suit and hat, then watch "The Nightstalker" with Darren McGavin!

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"I'm Familiar with Edward Snowden", 25 January 2016

It is evident now that Chris Carter really needed Morgan/Wong to pull this off. I respected "John Gilnitz" (John Shiban, Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz) - But sometimes they just seemed to get bogged down. They did occasionally produce some outstanding episodes of The Original X-Files Series. Or actually of this series, as I don't consider the 14 year hiatus. Morgan and Wong (And of course Darin Morgan) had an extreme creative streak that always benefited any show they worked on, and I think they are as intrinsically attached to The X-Files as Carter himself.

At first I thought this was related to Mulder's experience in "Biogenesis" (1999-S6E22) when he came into contact with a piece of metal from an Alien Spaceship that happened to have a verse from Genesis carved into it. What happens here to Dr Sanjay (Christopher Logan) is almost exactly like what happened to Mulder. And then Mulder has it happen, but no piece of Metal. Something else is going on.

People who had written other reviews for S10E01 were worrying that our beloved Mythos had been Deconstructed. Well, fear no more, many of the facets of Mulder and Skully's previous experiences are referred to and reflected, and even repeated, especially experiences with the De0partment of Defense, locking down their investigations.

Darin Morgan had used the name "Gupta" (IE, Juggernaught Onan Goopta) in the excellent MillenniuM Season 2 episode "Jose Chung's Doomday Defense", Wong uses it here, maybe this is a private joke between them- Too Bad Jose Chung would not be able to appear in any of these episodes, as he was killed off in that MillenniuM episode! Heh. But small details like this, that can erupt from just the mention of one character's name, are what makes this new collaboration between Carter and Morgan/Wong great.

Now, to the details, of course it is all a Macguffin, Mulder is being played, he does not know by who. We are brought through hospital wards filled with extremely deformed children. And we hear the stories of some of them in the course of this X-File. Some of this relates directly to Skully's abduction. I don't think she has ever forgotten Emily, her possible daughter from her abduction, and I'm sure she has not ever forgotten her son William. In fact both Skully and Mulder seem to have flashbacks of how life would have been with William, but it always ends the same way with both of them, William is himself abducted at the end of these visions, in much the same way Samantha Mulder was.

So I don't think Carter has re-written the Mythos one bit, not one iota. In fact, I think this short series gives him the opportunity to answer some of these questions, for us. And maybe even ask some new ones.

Some people might be shocked by some of the graphic scenes in this episode, but what's the problem, don't you watch Walking Dead? And that show is run by "John Gilnitz" even. Enjoy the uniqueness of each of these humble offerings, and some of the earlier X-Files seasons were just as graphic, it's just the state of realism is much better in Season 10. And of course, Mulder is appearing to be much smarter than he had been previously, this time making sure that there are "traces" of the X-Files saved.

Good Sweeps-Week Double Ep., 25 January 2016

Carter's Ascended boyfriend Orlin comes back, sort of, well... Mini Orlin.

How did we get here? Back in one of the Vala-Episodes, where she tried to recover some of her treasure from one of her former slave planets, a Prior appeared and infected them all. At the end of that episode, we thought the Prior had cured everyone.

Well, guess what, he didn't. And now, one member of an SG team returns to the embarkation room after an Ori Prior had "Blessed his Head". He's sick. Pretty soon, everyone is, even after a solid effort to quarantine everyone. So the world is on Lockdown.

But then Mini-Orlin shows up and thinks he can make a cure. But he doesn't have much time because he's not allowed to remember anything from when he was ascended and he's forgetting fast. Meanwhile, Carter and Dr. Lee had MacGuyvered a Gadget that can prevent the Ori's magic sticks from working. But only for a short time and they don't know what frequency to use. So they have to go to the Sodan Planet to test it on Cancerman (William B Davis). Gerak is trying to make the Ori Religion the Official State Religion for the Free Jaffa Nation. But he has questions, so the Ori suck him over to the Ori Galaxy and do a little Brainwashing on Spin Cycle.

With all that is happening in these 2 episodes, the main focus is Gerak, because he has to either acquit himself or become a tool to re-enslave all of his own people. It's up to Teal'c to reach him, but most of his efforts fail.

I don't know if I liked Cameron Bright ("Six" from "UltraViolet) as the post Sean Patrick Flannery Orlin, didn't seem to be the same character. In "Fragile Balance" Michael Welch did an excellent Mini-O'Neill (two LLs)- But O'Neill had been developed for years. Orlin was only in one episode... But I think the Casting department should have tried to match personalities like they did in Fragile Balance, because that kid WAS O'Neill, looked like him, talked like him, was him.

But that didn't detract from the development of story and the other characters, Cameron Bright was adequate, and in the end had an acceptable showdown with William B Davis.

Cigarette Smoking Man visits Stargate, 25 January 2016

Actually I don't know if the great William B Davis (Cancerman from The X-Files) shows up in this, yes he does. Which was why I enjoyed this and rated it 10. Actually I rate the whole show 10 and each episode gets the same figure. Smallville for instance gets a 1 from me, and that is for the show itself and for each episode. I rate a show for one thing and one thing only, if I enjoyed it. If I enjoyed it, it gets a 10, if I didn't, it gets a 1. It's a simple as that. If i like a show it's generally all 10's, except for Season 1 "Emancipation" which I gave an 8, because I don't think Captain Carter was as attractive with short hair in fatigues as she is with long hair and wearing a dress. So I thought it was highly unlikely that the local natives would have gone Bugsputz over her while wearing combat fatigues. Now... Kari Wuhrer in combat fatigues worked... In Sliders. But she was acting across from the great Roger Daltrey of The Who.

Now there are a few things about Stargate that bother me, how all of the planets they visit always look like Canada. They did a lot of location shooting on SG-1. Sometimes a location was appropriate, sometimes it was not. It was, in this episode.

The choice of guest actors as well. In this episode, the also-great Tony Todd (Commander Kurn and Worf's Brother from Star Trek/Next Gen), as "Lord Haikon", the leader of a rare group of Jaffa, the "Sodan" that are very much like samurai- Jaffa that Teal'c respects. Also Jarvis and Jason George, I didn't know are actual brothers, and this was also appropriate. Colonel Mitchell becomes "The Last Samurai" much like Tom Cruise, basically he's trapped during the winter in a samurai village and he goes native over time. I think the Cameron Mitchell character would do this, but Astronaut John Criton would not. At least not until season 4 of Farscape, where he learned to curse in Klingonese.

The irony here is that Mitchell is being tutored for a fight to the death while not knowing who is tutoring him.

This group of Jaffa have been visited by an Ori Prior (William B Davis) and have even "done a few jobs for him", IE, killed off infidels. This is also irony, because the Jaffa are free, yet they keep choosing to go back to the same kinds of slavery they have always lived under. Because while this story elapses, Gerak, the leader of the Free Jaffa, is also being suckered by The Ori - They even give him a Prior Staff. After finally getting free from the rule of the Goa'Uld and even finding a drug that frees them from having a Symbiotic parasite living in their pouch, they go back just like a dog to it's vomit.

In reality, I don't know how realistic it is for a freed people to just willingly and en mass go back into a slave situation. But it happens, it happens on Earth.

But this culture of Jaffa are a unique culture and an honorable one, as Mitchell learns and begins to respect. But there are Ori Priors are everywhere, and they don't go away, unless they come back to kill you.

So there are all of these little drawn out dramas (like the ones that used to be drawn in the margins of Mad Magazine) going on, on earth, on Chulak, and if you don't pay attention to each one, you miss something. This episode introduces the Sodan Invisibility shield, and as I have said, nothing is ever wasted in Stargate SG1.

This episode also sets the stage for a confrontation with the William B Davis Prior character which happens in the next episode, while also setting up what ultimately happens with Gerak and the choices he makes. So it is a bit like Jidaigeki, but only the parts about Mitchell and the Sodan.

Spectre (2015)
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How in 57 Blazes can this even remotely be compared to Rogue Nation?, 25 January 2016

For one thing, Spectre has been part of the James Bond Universe since the time Ian Fleming was actually among the living. Spectre was part of every JB film until "For Your Eyes Only" when that version of Blofeld was dumped unceremoniously down a factory chimney stack by Roger Moore's 007.

Spectre supersedes Mission Impossible by decades, especially the Tom Cruise Ethan Hunt MI's. Not that I don't enjoy those, but Bond was here FIRST.

As far as this installment of the Daniel Craig JB's, I was pretty disturbed that once again, Q stiffs 007 on Tech, only giving him one watch. And in Skyfall, it was one gun and one radio.

Bond has always been eponymous with Q and Gadgets. I don't think he needs a lot of them, but at least a new car once in a while. And at least he got one, this time, even though it was meant for 009 instead.

Bond is always in trouble with his superiors. In this latest, the whole 00 program is going to be mothballed. Bond has irked a new superior (Andrew Scott as "C") and this is the guy who can crumble the whole thing. In fact, the old MI6 building is to be demolished, and a new gleaming tower in it's place. But who will really be in control of it? The "C" or 'Control" reference refers slightly to "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" which was aptly remade recently with Gary Oldman. But as this film goes on, what's C really up to? At first he appears to be supportive of Bond, but in short order we see he is a hindrance. And he's nosy, so once again Bond can't even trust his co workers. Ray Fiennes however is a great "M" and he fell into the role perfectly.

This Bond episode is more about misuse of surveillance- Who has access to it, and who is using it? And how much of our daily lives are they seeing? Quite a lot if we are to believe this, a global consortium.

This version of Spectre is not the silly version shown in the early Bond films, where they are swallowing space capsules or living in underwater habitats with guys with Metal in their Mouth. This is a most serious Spectre, and they have a most serious enforcer played by Dave Bautista, there is nothing even remotely comical about this new "Jaws".

But it appears that Bond is quite over his head in these matters. And even when the dust settles, has Blofeld's Head really been cut off? Bond's former M gives him a ghostly assignment, and that's the last we see of her, but not of her Bulldog statue. Bond is the personification of it, he just won't quit.

Of all of the Bonds over the years, Daniel Craig's is the one who is the luckiest it seems. But to me, Bond is not all fists, he also is supposed to have charm, and to have access to cool gadgets. At least a few of them, granted Pierce Brosnan depended on them too much.

One thing I will say about the short lived Tim Dalton Bond, he was great with aerial scenes, I'd like to see some more of those. Bond ain't dead yet and Craig, not by a long-shot. I look for ward to at least one more Craig bond, I think this franchise gets rebooted all too often.

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X-Files nods to Fringe which nodded to X-Files, 25 January 2016

You will see what I mean in the first 5 minutes of "My Struggle" - An Iconic image is shown that was a staple of the show "Fringe". Of course, Darin Morgan worked on half of the first season of Fringe, so there were a lot of references to The X-Files in the first arc of that show, the 1st 10 episodes. But at least that show got to tell most of it's story over the five years it was on.

At first, when I heard about this "10th X-Files Season" I was pleased until I heard it was SIX EPISODES?. Most off-season shows get at least 8 or 10 before the Main shows come off Hiatus. Agent Carter was given at least 10 episodes this year, while we wait for Agents of SHIELD to come back in March.

Shows are not done the same way they were back in the early 90's where the Seasons started in September, and lasted until June. The Original Star Trek had 30 episodes in it's first season. Some of the cartoons of the 60's got maybe 60 episodes per year.

But the 90's was the decade of Star Trek: The Next Generation (26 episodes per season except for S2) and Syndication. But Fox had this gem called The X-Files that stood up to Trek nicely.

Because the same people who would go to Trek conventions would go to X-Files conventions. And for years, Chris Carter could do no wrong, he made money for Fox hand over fist. But they never gave any of his other shows as much support, especially Harsh Realm. I never was able to catch any more than 1 episode of that. And then The Lone Gunmen were yanked simply because their Pilot Ep was too much like what happened on 9/11.

But The X-Files endures and it seems like this year is the year for it. Because there are so many dark things happening, Chris Carter represents the people's voice in trying to understand why these things are happening. Through Carter, we can question our Lame Duck Senate that wasted most of it's time fighting the ACA. We can ask why are there so many people who would put gun rights over people's rights or of life itself? And it is because we, the people ask these questions, Fox is allowing Carter (and Mulder) to try to dig into these events.

So, I thought 6 episodes was pretty measly, but after seeing the Pilot, well it is not really a Pilot but the 1st episode of a 10th season. Hell, the basement looks exactly like it did when Dogget and Reyes saw it after it was cleared out in the last episode of S9.

After seeing this episode and seeing the VAST scope of resources Fox gave Carter in making this look good, I was less upset with the 6 episode thing. Because Fox is giving this their full financial backing and they are giving it good time-slots. And Fox always buries shows of this type in the Friday Night Death Slot, which killed Fringe. If Fringe could have run a few more years, and left in its original time-slot, it would have done well for Fox. If Firefly had been given a whole season and not had all of their episodes shown totally out of order. The same thing happened with Space:Above and Beyond.

What is unique about this, which was maybe why the 2nd X-Files feature "I want to believe" failed to please many people (I was pleased with it, but I am one of a very few)- Is that we finally have Morgan/Wong involved. Including Darin Morgan. It was this chemistry that they had with Carter that really worked well. The 2nd feature was Carter only, so while it was a great X-Files Crime story, that's all it was. Actually I am starting to believe that shows like The X-Files, episodic shows, shows that tell a story over time, do not work well as Feature films. I mentioned Star Trek, the Next Generation story was beloved on TV screens, but did not translate well to Features. As much as I liked them, that show had too many characters. The X-Files only has two characters that count, but the story is too complex for just one feature. Maybe if three X-Files movies were made all at once, it would work. But to get Fox to commit to that? That would be a miracle.

But as others have said, the FEEL is back. Now, I saw a few 1-*'s in here, well IMDb is filled with Trolls Don't ya know. What I saw last night was not a 1-star product.

Of course there are a few adjustments in the traditional Mythos stories, but I will have to watch all of these episodes before I see how Mulder is affected. Because as usual, he Wants to believe too much. And I think he was steered down the wrong path. We'll see.

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It's like there never was a 14 year gap, 25 January 2016

Chris Carter is a Genius. He takes all of the typical conservative obsessions and merely reverses the label by calling them "Liberal" - Ergo his "Conservative Talk Show Host" 'Tad O'Malley' is actually conservative in name only and his agendas are all actually more like what Jon Stewart would come up with, with Aliens added of course. Or are there really any aliens? That's the question posed to Mulder.

I agree with most of Spanpaco13's (And MulderNscully's - I salute you both) points, except for the film "I want to believe not really feeling like The X Files", which I disagree, it felt a lot like "Grotesque" or other of the few pure crime X-Files episodes. And of course, one of the most important things that happened in that film was that Skully had told Mulder, "I can't look into the dark with you any longer" - And that really felt like the end of the X-Files forever. In that film her medical job seemed a lot more important than the job she is doing in this first installment, which is putting new ears on kids who look a bit Grayish.

The Fox Network gave Carter 6 episodes, and I was very upset with that. Until I saw this, 6 episodes, but with Fox's full backing, both in production value and time slots, not being hidden at 9:00 on Friday Night when Nobody will tune in, even in they wanted to. The Friday Night Death slot has killed many good shows. But we really do have the band back together with the involvement of Morgan/Wong and Morgan's brother Darin. This is less of a reboot than a reunion tour, so I'll take the 6 shows and hopefully Fox will realize this show can run another 9 years and keep a large amount of people happy on Sunday Nights. Because there are so many new, juicy conspiracy Theories floating about, at least 500 of them if you want to include the ones that Obama is allegedly part of.

There was one thing, Gardiner Millar is a bald man, in a black suit wearing a Fedora Hat. In fact, he wore much the same outfit in another show Darin Morgan worked on that was also on Fox, which constantly referred to The X-Files, so I'm glad Carter gave "Fringe" a nod by including an "Observer" in this episode.

I do agree it felt like home, I really haven't gotten involved with any new shows since Fringe went off the air. I'll say this, 2008 was not a good year for an X-Files movie, especially a non-Mythos one. The Political Climate from 2001 to 2008 was not conducive for The X-Files or shows like The X-Files. But right now is the perfect time, an election year where we have yet another white billionaire trying to buy his way into the white house. At times like these we ask "do our voices really count?" It had always been Mulder and Skully against the world, and they did manage to make a huge dent in at least one conspiracy. Can two people once again stand against the world and take on, the corporations this time, now that they have been given rights superseding the rights of the individual? I am hoping that our voices do count and we can Fight the Future, if there are enough decent people in the world who want a better future, and The X-Files is part of that hope. The fact that fans alone caused Fox to take the show out of Mothballs is a sign that maybe there is hope.

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First Star Wars since 1983 (Non-Special Edition) that didn't suck!, 5 January 2016

"42" unhelpful votes, there is cheating going on here.

Don't mistake continuity of story and universe with "reboot or rehash" - This is a story that continues on from the end of Return of the Jedi". We are not worried about The Force being explained anymore, we don't care - It's a mystery and back to being a mystery. It starts with a simple enough premise: The Empire was defeated and their end Death Star obliterated, but as always, in fiction as in true life, when old bad guys are killed off, new bad guys take their place.

This is not a universe that is "in the same condition as it was in Eps IV, V, and VI" - As there is a new republic, there is also a new group of imperialists and fascists that want to tear it down. It's happening in the US this very day, so this is nothing new.

I suspect these negative reviews are just the spewings and ramblings of anti-JJ Abrams shills, doing the same as they did for Star Treks I and II. Because there are NO kiddie elements in this new Star Wars, it is a story aimed at long term fans of the franchise and it hits with a bullseye. What surprises me, is ALL of the 1-star reviews say EXACTLY the same thing. Because they were not written by 100 guys, but by ONE guy AS "100" guys.

The main thing here is "Where is Luke Skywalker" - And both bad guys and good guys want to know the answer to this. So do We. These include some of the old regulars, plus a new bad guy who wears a Helmet that looks like the Ugly Narc-Alien from Episode IV, who narced on Hans Solo to Imperial Storm Troopers and particularly Jabba the Hut. In an early confrontation in this episode, this duck faced guy takes out Max Von Sydow who indicates this person came from the Good side of the Force.

So to me it's just continuity, as there are Jedi who followed Luke and his mentor Obi-Wan, any new recruit that goes down the Dark Side ends up doing Darth Vaderish things, like killing Off a whole school of Jedi Kids.

As in life with often repeated scenarios, that keep on repeating over and over, this is just the same in the Star Wars universe. I'm not worried about that, what's important here is "Does this film play out like original Star Wars"? And yes, it does.

And although this film includes people from Eps 4, 5, and 6, this is a new story, and so there are two new players, a girl, who is waiting on a crummy sand planet, and a storm trooper, who turns away from his programming because he wants something better. And there is something about this Kid, do we know *his* father?

The imagery is pure original Star Wars. The gadgets, the Droids, the Crashed Imperial Destroyers. New and Old Aliens, in new and old Bars.

I very much wanted to know who this girl was, and I very much wanted to know about this kid who walked away from being a storm trooper. In the Meantime, it was great to see Han, Chewie, and Leia, who have scars of age and experience. At one time, they were the young ones who had the responsibility laid on them, in this episode, it is the girl and the boy. Because in real life it is always the young choosing to do good, who have long term effects, who save Nations in some cases. It's generational, the old guard passes it on the the new guard. If you live in this world, you're feeling the change of the guard - As the old song says.

That's what this episode is, although there is a major victory, it is at major cost. And although the old Empire had built two powerful Death Stars, those were nothing compared to a new threat. It's a death star on steroids. So some ask, why make new Death Stars? Why have one in this movie? Because, it's the limited thinking of The Imperialists and Fascists. Because they always go back to comfortable norms for weapons design- In their Supreme Leader's small thinking, another huge planet sized weapon with a huge GUN.

I saw this in IMax, in 3D, and I was impressed with how each 3D gag was well thought out and well placed. My brother kept trying to reach out and touch the tip of the Imperial Destroyer. A film shot in 3D has to look good also in 2D, and this does, in the IMax theater I could occasionally pull off my glasses and see a 2D Scene, and the composition in 2D was just as good. I'm not really a fan of 3D films, you can't really call them films anymore, as they are made on all digital medium. But for this episode, it worked well.

In Lucas's overblown Eps I II and III, the CGI was over the top and blatantly CGI. IN this film, the CGI blends with the practical elements so that you absolutely cannot tell which is which. And also in Eps I II and III we have a multitude of scenes which are boring discussions explaining the force, mainly people sitting on couches talking. That, to me is about exciting as eating a plate of Tripe! I guarantee you, you will NOT see any Jedi sitting on couches talking in this one. Or Senators, or Sith Lords. This film is action from start to finish- about 2 and a half hours worth.

And after walking out after the last scene and the film credits, there is no way in hades or Tattoine, that this will not have sequels. And this episode deserves to have sequels. And I for one cannot wait for those to come out!

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I'll be Damned, Tattoine!, 9 December 2015

When I made my predictions of what would happen here, I was both half wrong and half right. Thank God for that, or should I thank the other guy? I knew Lash would be involved as well as the rest of the Inhumans, and I knew we'd see "Will Daniels"(Dillon Casey) again. We get to see more of the Sand-Planet, even got some more history of it, and I was right about Ward's conversion to Hydra True Believer. This episode marks a drastic change for the character, he started out in this series as Mr Clean Cut James Bondian, even Pierce Brosnian Secret Agent; maybe even a little Timothy Daltonion as he was in License to Kill, even when he was acting as a "Good Guy" he had that dark streak. It's gone far beyond that now, the Lid has been blown off.

This is an all-out battle between SHIELD and Hydra, It's also Fitz and Coulsen's revenge against Ward.

But Coulsen and Fitz will find out about that Chinese proverb about revenge and digging two graves.

This chapter changes focus between the Portal Castle in Scotland and the Sand-Planet. Tattoine, as Coulsen calls it. And we now see good reason for Daisy's mother Jiaying's fear of the Portal Rock.

The Portal has been a big problem, has that been solved finally, or has it led to something even worse? We are getting into Gods and Men territory, Inhumans with powers and even more powers.

But now we see exactly why the Motto of Hydra has been "Cut off a Head, it grows back" - This is not just a thing Red Skull would chant, it's what is physically happening.

I've given enough clues, can you piece it together? Seeds for this storyline were planted from even the first episode of Season 2, maybe before. This is the beauty of it, even if something is mentioned in passing in a previous episode, it eventually gets dealt with. We are in the middle of the story now. Beginning, Middle, End. Unfortunately, we have to wait until March of next year to see how it develops.

As far as "things not being explained", AOS has a vested history of revealing how something really happened in a later episode, such as Dr Garner's true escape from Ward's assassination attempt.

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