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Wrong Turn (2003/I)
It´s all been done before, 28 August 2003

... and much better, by the way.

Someway, watching this movie was a little bit similar like eating at McDonalds in some foreign city. You are expecting at least something else, some specialty, but all you get is just different names for the same junk. The menu: poor acting, story too simple with so many opportunities left unused and worst of all - completely predictable. After the first five minutes you know exactly who will gonnna die first, who´s next and who´s gonna make it. The gore was fine as well as the freaky hillbillies and couple of time I could even feel something like thrill coming up, but mostly I was laughing, just like the rest of the audience. All in all a quarterpounder with french fries, not exactly fresh, but still edible. If you like to be afraid of really bad and perverse rednecks, rent Deliverance once more.

4 out of 10

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People, you definitely missed the point!, 20 August 2003

RTW is by all means a very funny movie. Sure, one can find it disgusting in some details, but it is nothing more than a point of view. On the formal side, you cannot say much against it: it has an excellent cast, superb costumes and buildings, it almost captured this long gone time. And, by the way, these stupid gadgets and therapies, they were real, they didn´t invent anything. OK, the story could be a little bit straighter, but thats all. Otherwise, RTW is holding a mirror for the health and fitness obsession of our times and one should be able to laugh about that too. All in all a good one. I´m sorry for those, who cannot like it because of their prudery, rest of you just try to watch a little bit more open - minded.

Frosty (1964)
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Wow, what a misunderstanding!, 18 August 2003

For all of you, who think this movie is stupid, just because it doesn´t fit into your watching habits:

Is it bizarre? Of course it is, but check these really old German, French or English tales and legends. I wonder what you´d say to the original Brothers Grimm collection. I think that´s also the problem with understanding, the people of America simply don´t have this part of culture, because it comes directly from the medieval age.

The story has its roots so far away, so deep in the Slav history, that if Hollywood would like to make something comparable, they´d have to steal the story from some ancient native American tribe.

Brazil (1985)
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Real life, 7 July 2003

I´ll not waste the time reviewing the story for the 209th time. The quality of this movie lies beyond the story, its merely the feeling which lasts when the credits are over. Probably due to my childhood and youth spent behind " The Iron courtain" in former Czechoslovakia, I´m able to understand the atmosphere of "Brazil" a little bit better. It is one of my favourits although it makes me wanna cry sometimes.

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Very poor remake, 2 July 2003

As most of Hollywood remakes of european movies, this one also can never reach the quality of the original Spoorlos movie. The stupid happy ending spoils everything. Well, I suppose that we should get used to it, because you can seldom find a movie, which hits the theaters without test screenings.