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Come into the light carol anne, 16 October 2011

This movie had such a great creepy feel. Now the film is based around what will happen to Heather O'Rourke's character. But she was very young, so she did having many speaking lines. On the other hand, they had her say the work daddy and mommy a lot in a creepy way from the film. You will notice it at certain parts. The acting was really good and Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams did great jobs as the parents. Now there is a poltergeist going after O'Rourke's character and you never get to really see him so it is creepy. There are many really crazy scenes as well that will leave you terrified. Zelda Rubinstein comes in as a medium and just hearing her voice is kind of creepy. Now Tobe Hooper directed this film, but he had help from Steven Spielberg who was a writer on the film. You can tell some of Spielberg's touches in the film. This is a great horror film.

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Never Drink The Worm, 16 October 2011

This is a good sequel to the first film. It takes place only a little time after the first. Heather O'Rourke has gotten a little older since the first film, so you has many more lines in the film. I guess you could say it gives her character a little more personality. The father, mother and brother are the same from the first also, so that is good. A new edition is the mother of JoBeth Williams's character, Geraldine Fitzgerald. Now the biggest thing in this film is the character Kane played by Julian Beck. In the first film they gave the ghost a voice. Here they gave him a body and a really creepy on at that. Beck did an amazing job. The story line was decent but two things got in the way for me. They should of left the problem to Zelda Rubinstein's character. Instead they brought in this Indian guy and his acting was a little off. Also the ending of the film was interesting. Why they went with that ending, I am not sure. But still a great and scary movie.

zombie superhero, 16 October 2011

It was decent. The girl was weird though. She was like a super hero ....zombie. I mean it kind of screwed up the whole getting bit and turning into a zombie. They should of kept it along the same lines as the first two, but I guess they just wanted to try something different. Putting a superhero type zombie in the film I admit was kind of fun. But it really lowers the scare factor. How Brian Yuzna directed Re-Animator, so if you watch this film you will see some similarities. I will admit that Mindy Clarke was an interesting girl superhero zombie in the film though. Also it was fun to see Sarah Douglas. This is a typical series that starts off scary on the first one and in the later numbers turns into a comedy or super hero movie. Too bad.

The Chair (2007/II)
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A fun chair, 16 October 2011

This film was almost good. It had a really cool concept about being possessed by a spirit and becoming them. It was also strange for it was a girl being possessed by a male spirit. But the film is based around building this torture chair and learning something from the past from the house that the main character is staying in. Here is the problem though, parts of the film just made no sense. Something would come up and you would wonder why it even happened. Also the film had scenes for the jumping scare factor, but seemed to ruin it. A girl sees a blanket, yes we all know there is something under the blanket because we saw earlier in the film, something was put there. So no, it was not scary on parts that worked out like that. I do respect the story of the film though, it was really a good idea. It just wasn't portrayed right.

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DJ Zombie, 16 October 2011

OK I am very disappointed from this film. This takes place a little after number four. So the movie basically starts with Peter Coyote. Some of the characters from four did die, but some lived. The ones who lived where in the film with no recollection of what happened in the last movie. It is like it didn't even exist. Now this film and the fourth film were made in the same year. I believe they are both continuations of the original, but with different story lines. Also the fourth seems to reach a different type of audience than this fifth one. The fourth was action with zombies and experiments. This one was drugs, sex, raves and zombies. They actually thought it would be a good idea to put the chemical in a pill form to sell at raves. What was going through their mind making this film?

Doghouse (2009)
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Man hating zombies, 14 October 2011

The story of the film was a little strange and they really could of gone with a better ending, but that is not what makes this film fun. Imagine a village full of beautiful woman; zombies. Then a group of guys come in and kill them. The idea was pretty funny. That kind of makes the film more in the comedy field than horror. The cast was great. Danny Dyer was really funny with his remarks. Then you have Stephen Graham who is always entertaining when he goes into action star mode. Now the female zombies were interesting but not that scary. Well there was one zombie would was about 400 pounds who was actually pretty scary. Some do become a little scarier later in the film. But like I said, the only thing that seemed to mess up this film was the story line. Parts were pretty bad, but the film made up with some of the fun.

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at least she has nice teeth, 14 October 2011

First I will say that I don't really need to mention the cast. Well I will mention Miki Mizuno who plays the slit-mouthed woman. She was pretty scary. I only really liked her character, but thank god the others kept dying. This movie was based on a myth, which always gives a horror film an extra creepy film. Don't get me wrong, I did like the story and how it was laid out. The acting was OK. That is why I thought the film was decent. But it had things in it that did seem to upset me. I understood the story line, but parts of it they could of left it. Seemed to cheesy at some parts. That and some of the characters seemed why too scared at one moment and then they would get this courage to be brave. Wouldn't work though. I think the film as potential. If they made another, they could probably make it more scary and better. The film runs an hour and a half, but I think if they added about twenty more minutes, they could of explained a few holes.

The Hole (2001)
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In A Hole lot of trouble, 14 October 2011

This was surprising an OK movie. It is not the best, but I expected something bad. It was the story line and some of the acting that was a little off. The story was interesting, but seemed to lose its appeal since they kind of explain the whole thing midway through. They should of just waited till the end. The cast was pretty good, but at parts you think, why did they put that in there? Some scenes did not need to be in there. But to make this a typical horror film, they needed these scenes I guess. I thought Thora Birch was pretty good and did come off as disturbed; which was her character. The male characters were just OK I though. Desmond Harrington seemed to not really shine until the end. It was interesting to see a young Keira Knightley. But they had her casted as the eye candy. So they didn't concentrate on her acting. If this film just had a little more suspense, it really could of been a lot better.

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Magic?, 9 October 2011

This was a pretty decent film. The story line was good but went way over the top by the end and it almost ruined the whole thing. The cast is class A. Scott Bakula is great and funny in the film. Kevin J. O'Connor is good and comes off kind of creepy. Famke Janssen is a good female lead. Daniel Von Bargen is really crazy in this film and was a good evil lead. There are many good side characters as well, but my favorite is played by Barry Del as Sherman. Talk about one messed up creepy character. The film has some decent special effects for its time and it may not make you jump out of your seat, but you will still mentally feel scared. It really does have that creepy feeling. Clive Barker really did a decent job on this film.

Dark Tower (1989)
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tower?, 9 October 2011

OK this movie was not that good at all. First off the cast was pretty bad. Only two actors saved the film a little and that was Theodore Bikel and Kevin McCarthy; but they didn't have big parts. The whole movie was based around Jenny Agutter and I swear she was just in there to show off her body and that is it. There is a scene when she is running and some of the buttons on her shirt come undone so you can see a little more. But there was no point to it. Not to mention they loved using a fuzzy blur lens when filming her. The whole film, there is something killing people and they never show it till the end. So when people are attacked, they are attacked by something invisible and it is annoying. The story is pretty bad too because they tell you what is happening, but not really why which makes it confusing. I also like how the film is called Dark Tower, yet it is not a tower.

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