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Sheer creativity and remarkable writing., 25 December 2016

The Viral Fever (TVF"), the team of intellectuals behind "Pitchers", "Permanent Roommates", "Tripling" and several other awesome original contents, comes with new web series "Humorously Yours".

It tells the story of a stand-up comedian, who is judged and challenged, the problems he experiences in life, marriage, friendship and how he manages to make us laugh. It obviously depicts what we never think and understand, obviously in a humorous way.

I must say, we have been witnessing that TV shows have become unimaginative, uncreative and decayed. We see saas-bahu soap operas which are an illustration of insipid dispositions, mythological shows which do not have any substance but six-pack abs, reality shows which are more melodramatic than regular saas-bahu shows, fundamentally inventiveness is scanty these days.

These shows have entered our dining rooms or even kitchens with a bang and have demolished the basic idea of intellectual entertainment.

The youth of India is at the mercy of Hollywood TV series and the rest of TV audience is stuck to the content which is being served to homemakers and even working feminine gentry is gobbling around it.

So, we essentially require some respite, and TVF is doing it brilliantly. The writing, acting, direction, screenplay, everything is like a fresh breeze. It is conspicuous that it has the nexus of talented people and they are doing their best.

"Humorously Yours" will make you fall in love with its absolute creativity, its lovely characters, its immaculate writing and original content.

Kudos people, you make India proud.

Befikre (2016)
"Befikre is pretentious and bad.", 22 December 2016

Aditya Chopra has made "DDLJ" which is an epitome of love, DDLJ made people fall in love even if it was rather pretentious. Now in 2016, he comes with "Befikre" a rom-com which is set in Paris. On the ground, it looks like, it is a vehicle to promote Parisian tourism.

However, it is a movie for the Indian audience, being an Indian, I could not relate even a single scene with typical Indian life.

There is no need to describe a synopsis as there is no story. Two people want to be in "Friends with Benefits "or "No Strings Attached" kind of relationship, they just want casual sex but a serious relationship, they eventually fall in love.

So again we see two independents who don't know that they will fall in love after 20 minutes, the problem is that we as the audience know everything, it has been made known since the inception of Indian cinema, it is as predictable as we eat.

"Befikre" is exaggerated and shallow at the same time, lead actors do not have any chemistry, Vaani Kapoor hams, Ranveer Singh overplays (we know he can act though), they kiss and kiss, it seemed that kissing is only acting which actors know. We don't get to know any backgrounds and other details which could have added a lot of weight to the story. The screenplay did never work as we never feel connected to the scenes.

Music has always been great in all of Adi's movie but "Befike" has an above average music.

What works here is the locales, which have been captured beautifully and at least it soothes the pain which we have to go through the entire movie.

Overall, it is a waste of money and talent. Not at all worth your time.

Great study of humane emotions and compassion., 24 November 2016

"Next to Her" is a poignant drama which explores the emotion, bond, love, detestation, and sacrifice. Two sisters, one is mentally challenged and another one is taking care of her against all odds, surrendering her own freedom.

The director 'Asaf Korman' has done a great study of human emotions it is perfectly resounding on the screen. There might be certain uncomfortable scenes which can be little disturbing but succeeded in the depiction of the real life challenges and encounters.

The perfect cinematography enhances the beauty of grim life and the audience get connected with the emotions and sentiments.

The performances are top notch as the direction, lead actors have done it wonderfully and it is so convincing that you will be deeply immersed in their grief, sorrow and pleasure.

The tie between the sisters has been portrayed with sheer brilliance and it will linger with you long after watching the movie.

A Must Watch.

Pink (2016/III)
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A groundbreaking film which wants you to think and act, 18 September 2016

"Pink" is a film that shakes the moral grounds of human being, it questions the unruly existence of patriarchy, objectification of women, shallow prudence, scruples and how we comprehend the new age, liberal women? "Pink" makes you think after the credit rolls and the thought lingers with you allegedly.

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has done a trailblazing job, the subject matter and execution hits you like a bolt. If you are a sane human being, it surely influences the philosophy you might have been carrying all along even if you are a feminist. It not only talks about equal rights for women or empowerment but the way male fraternity thinks about women.

Ritesh Shah writing is impeccable, keeping audience bound to their places as everyone keeps guessing. It is high-intensity courtroom drama which is a rare case in Bollywood. I really appreciate the effort taken by the entire production team, everyone is a winner.

The editing makes the movie more riveting, every frame reveals something, each hearing of the court laced with a strong message and keeps the audience on their toes.

Besides all of that, we have Amitabh Bacchan and Piyush Mishra as opponents in the court defending their respective clients, their performances are top notch as always. The dialogues and delivery will give you chills. Tapsee Pannu, Andrea Tariang and Kirti Kulhari are just phenomenal, they embodied their characters magnificently.

In a nutshell, "Pink" gives us a perspective, an issue to ponder and a way forward to treat women respectfully.

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Let down by predictability and poor execution., 8 September 2016

Lately, we have been witnessing many movies on women empowerment and emancipation like Queen, Kahani, Mardaani, English Vinglish, NH10, Parched etc. Akira is an addition to these kinds of flicks from directed by A.R. Murugadoss (Gajini, Holiday fame).

We get the message delivered at the very beginning when younger Akira confronts the acid attackers and later we see how she engulfed in a web of endangerment. Now she has to challenge the murky system and penance involved in the execution.

The intention is noble and it was accomplished in some measure during the first half, however, it becomes predictable and clichéd in the later half. The screenplay is little sloppy and representation of some characters loses the grip. Sonakshi Sinha did justice to her role but the expressions and demeanor lacked in many important scenes.

We see Konkana Sen Sharma is a very strong character but it was underdeveloped. Anurag Kashyap's menacing act is promising but lacks authenticity as a Marathi Cop. Other supporting cast did a good job.

Action scenes are good and well-choreographed, music is average and background score is just fine.

So, overall did the message get delivered, well, it depends on the perception because it has the same theme and execution which we have been served trillions of time, a protagonist rises against some malicious hoodlums then scuffles survives and finally becomes a conqueror.

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Bad Flick- Not recommended at all, 6 September 2016

So Remo D'Souza, the celebrated Bollywood choreographer and also directed films like Faltu, ABCD and ABCD2, comes with a superhero flick "A Flying Jatt".

Aman(Tiger Shroff) is a timid martial art teacher who unlike his father, afraid of everything and does not want to be like him. His father was a numero-uno martial art and named as The Flying Jatt, he kept the righteousness of Sikh community, he also inhabited a colony far from city's pollution. Aman's mother (Amrita Singh) wants him to be like his father but he wants to be himself until he finds the super-power. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) wants to dump the debris from his chemical factories to the land where the Sikh community lives and wanted to force people out. Aman with his powers has to combat a villain who is equally powerful.

I wonder why would someone waste a huge money in such a terrible and tacky script, a wafer-thin plot and the execution is heavily borrowed from many superhero movies. We see an exact slo-mo scene lifted directly from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The special effects are not substandard but it always requires an honest hack to keep people engaged in a superhero movie. We are watching a Hollywood superhero movie every alternate Friday and it's not a comparison but where is the content? Everything is clichéd.

Tiger Shroff cannot act at all; he hams appallingly but his parkour is unmatchable. Jacqueline is doing the same thing what she does and it is bad to see that after so many films, she does not require to act. Then we have season actors like Amrita Singh and Kay Kay Menon and they can do the roles assigned to then flawlessly.

The direction is atrocious, some comedy scenes looked poorly executed mostly because we Tiger looks like a sculpture.

It is a bad movie by all means.

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A stale tale, 15 August 2016

How much we knew about Mohenjo Daro before watching this movie? now I analyze how much do I know about Mohenjo Daro? As we all know from our text books that nothing much is available about this civilization but only the ruins which were discovered around 1920.

So it is safe to say that we see an outright fictionalized account of Mohenjo Daro, it is centered in 2016 BC, where farmers from a small village grow indigo and sell it in Mohenjo Daro. Sarman (Hrithik Roshan), a young man, who sees visions of one-horned animal, vows to go to Mohenjo Daro as he ruminates and thinks he has a connection with Mohenjo Daro. His father Durjan (Nithish Bhardwaj) sends him reluctantly, giving an amulet and warns to open it only when in extreme jeopardy. He comes to Mohenjo Daro, got besotted by Chaani (Pooja Hegde) and engulfs himself in the malevolent and evil practices of the king Maham (Kabir Bedi) and his son Moonja (Arunoday Singh).

We see large set depicting the old era, where Sarman fights with an artificial Crocodile and it looked atrocious, we are living in the period where we have seen an immaculate versions of CGI technology, people cannot distinguish real or fake. Why can the filmmakers not make use of it? And why are they presenting these stale graphics to the people who have seen Bahubali and some of them just seen The Jungle Book?

The screenplay is filled with clichés because once it is a loud love story then a revenge saga then a rescue operation of mankind against a goddamn dam.

The characterization is hackneyed as characters were introduced by characters. Here we again loose the leading lady, she has only one expression and could not even do justice to a scene where her father dies. Other actors play their parts flawlessly as everyone were seasoned. However, a sloppy script has never been saved by an ensemble cast.

The costume design is appalling; it could have been better because we can see the amount of money thrown into every frame. A.R. Rahmans's music is ordinary and it does not have the melody which we have heard before.

Overall, a boredom with cheesy script and clichéd characters. If you are a hardcore Hrithik Roshan fan and want to see one or two good fight sequences, watch it or wait till it airs on one the TV channels.


Rustom (2016)
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A court room murder mystery- it does not disappoint., 15 August 2016

Rustom based on K M Nanavati case, a Naval commander who shot his wife's lover and surrendered to the police. This case got an exceptional media coverage and became a sensation back in 1959.

The writing is good; the screenplay unfolds the layers of the mysteries successively, it keeps the audience guessing the plot however, some of the twists are predictable. There are also some elements which are unbelievable like 5 Crore transferring to Rustom's account and defense minister directly offering the money.

The cinematography is good. First half is little slow, however it gains momentum in second half and never escapes the audiences' comprehension. It gives us a perspective about the court room when the verdicts were established via jury.

The art direction is worthy and we can certainly reckon that because the producer is Neeraj Pandey and we had already seen it in Special 26, the late 60's era is created wonderfully.

Akshay Kumar as Rustom Pavri did an impressive work, he carries the persona of a naval officer with panache. His expressive mannerisms of calmness and solemnity, carts the entire film. Kumud Mishra is amazing and brings some natural comic relief. Illeana D'Cruz could have done it better as her character was pivotal but we mostly saw her sobbing. Sachin Khedekar and Anang Desia are veterans and can do any role flawlessly. Esha Gupta and Arjan Bajwa were fine. Usha Nadkarni leaves a stamp in one of the hilarious hearing ever in any court.

Music and background score is average, some of the songs are good.

Largely, it is Akshay Kumar whose movie choices maybe erratic but lately he chose some authentic subjects and filled it with great endeavor and diligence, to name a few Special 26, Baby, Airlift etc.

Overall 6.5/10.

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It will give you chills, 8 August 2016

Hoon-jung Park (New World fame) is a director who seems really keen with details. As we watch The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (2015), we witness a haunting tale of suppression and agony.

An old hunter Chun Man-duk (Min-sik Choi) lives with his 16-year-old son and takes care of him. Kingdom of Korea is rules by Japanese and they are hunting for the tigers in the mountains in extreme cold. Due to some events and turns, Man-duk has to return for hunting.

The screenplay is written perfectly and narration is astounding, however, one could deduce that movie is little long and some of the scenes could have been chopped easily to make it more crisp. It packs the real punch and throw it to the audience, we have a lot of tense moments which are truly crafted.

Technically, the movie is impeccable, the CGI is mesmerizing because scenes with animals never looked like CGI, a lot of attention has been given to the details.

Cinematography is exhilarating, each scene has been captured beautifully, the horror of wilderness and harshness of icy terrain will be in your mind even after long.

We cannot comment on Min-sik Choi acting skills as he has been there and done that effortlessly, here he again leaves an impression on our hearts as an anxious father. The casting is just incredible; everyone is a perfect cut-out for the role, they did it wonderfully.

A good movie with few shortcomings.


Dishoom (2016)
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Not again-It is really bad, 8 August 2016

So here we go again,an example of a run of the mill and substandard movie making, no entertainment value, not even basics of script writing are used. Dishoom is the product of sheer extravagance and star value. Directed by Rohit Dhawan, staring John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Akshaye Khanna (after a long hiatus), Jacqueline Fernandez, Rahul Dev, Huma Querishi's brother, Sushma Swaraj lookalike etc.

Ace Indian cricketer Viraj Sharma is kidnapped just before the final match with Pakistan in Saudi Arabia. An Indian super-cop (John Abraham) arrives for the hunt and helped by local-cop Junaid (Varun Dhawan). The script is cheesy and messy, there is not even a protocol presented that an Indian cop is in the middle east and embarks like a vigilante, just by flexing his muscles. Many situations do not fit in any of aspects of life, be it real or virtual. The production value was high with some good locations and sets, but a bad narrative and acting make is a really bad movie.

John Abraham tries hard to act but was successful showing his muscles instead as always, Varun Dhawan tries to be a comic relief and buddy cop but was successful in overacting. There was no reason of Jaqueline's presence but she was there anyway. Akshaye Khanna, does what he was doing some years ago, his existence does not help much but at least you can see that someone is doing his part flawlessly.

So, if you are fascinated by trailer and grand looking action scenes, those are the only moments which are good, so watch the trailer again, if you miss the film, it is completely fine.

Not good.

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