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Movies depicting our society/culture in a potential futuristic setting.

Tried to put them in some sort of chronological order, starting with the nearest and most likely future.
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Movies about multiple universes, real, digital or imaginary.
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Movies involving relationships (voluntary or forced) between siblings (sisters, brothers, twins) or children and parents (biological or step-parents).

SPOILER ALERT!!! My descriptions below may contain spoilers revealing important plot twists. However, I had to put them in to specify the nature of the relationships depicted in a particular film.
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Movies that feature humanoid robots or artificial intelligence software, capable of independent cognition.
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Movies and TV shows that I watched (and probably liked) that involve human cloning.
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Movies that involve some form of mental disorder (focused on the multiple personality disorder) that I watched myself (and probably liked), and which do not make use of mystical factors. I am not including autism, as I am not convinced it should be considered mental, and not physical/neurological, disorder.