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Royal Kill (2009)
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Does not really make sense, 1 August 2010

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In all reality what can I say. I honestly just saw this movie and decided to pick it up on an impulse. At first I was trying to understand the whole meaning of the movie was and the plot.

Okay, I get the part where the main character I guess the "princess" is alive and is suppose to stay alive for some Himalayan Kingdom and her protector is suppose to save her. But then he turns bad and ends up killing her and then he becomes a lost soul and doesn't really know what is going on.

Being that this film came out in 2009 and it was filmed earlier with Pat being in it and he passed away in 2005 kinda didn't make sense but after doing some research on the film. I would let it slide. Even though there was 2 famous actors and the acting was below mediocre. I do believe this film was in all honestly pretty bad.

I guess it was a low budget film with low budget CGI, but I have seen films with better plots on a lower budget. I really don't understand what the idea was behind bringing out a film of this mess. But we will have to see what the director was hoping to accomplish in the future.

Overall, I thought this movie was bad, the acting was really sub par, and I would have thought this would debut on some cable network, as it looked like it was intended for. As well as I thought this was really a waste of time, and money trying to capitalize on the whole ninja genre and momentum, which it really just failed horribly on.