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Beacon77 (2009)
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Better than the DaVinci Code, 1 August 2010

This is a supernatural conspiracy theory thriller that turns gory at the end and is thought provoking at the same time.

Unlike the unreadable and unwatchable DaVinci Code books and films, The 7th Dimension is easy to get into but makes you work to keep up with each twist and turn. There's no let up and you have to pay attention as the story unfolds.

After a relatively slow, low key start the film gets into its stride and turns up the suspense as the main protagonist Declan, either becomes a higher being or gets more and more demented.

There are some genuinely scary moments and the story, although mainly gobbledygook is plausible enough to let you suspend your disbelief.

Not a multi million pound blockbuster, but all the better for it.

Baseline (2010)
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Gritty, 1 August 2010

Not your usual lovable cockney geezer gangster film, this is far more realistic and gritty.

Great performances by Jamie Foreman, Dexter Fletcher, Gordon Alexander, with Gary Stretch, tattooed and minus teeth, and Gemma Atkinson in a fleece! Go figure.

Story just about hangs together and should keep even those with the attention span of a goldfish interested till the end.

BlueRay picture is lush but there are not enough extras which means marks lost out of 10.

Makes a change from the normal wide boy gangster films out there.