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Must watch at least once in your lifetime.
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My Favorite TV Shows - highly recommended and must watch!

Although I thought Breaking Bad was good, it's not in my Top 25 because it didn't really hook me in like the ones in this list. Same goes for Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Justified, House of Cards and other shows that may have been rated highly.

Spartacus was ok. Fringe and Supernatural are not my cup of tea. True Detective is overrated - The Killing and Wallander (2008) was better.

Not every single show is in this Top 25. Only the ones I really like (or liked) and enjoy watching when I watch it.
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I wasn't expecting much from these movies so I was pleasantly surprised that they were actually pretty good. Some of these had bad reviews and others I didn't know much about but they turned out well.
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Movies to avoid! Awful, over-rated and boring are some words I would describe some of these movies.

This list consists of films I've seen that are a waste of time. Some I fell asleep during, others I just walked away and couldn't sit through it. A lot should not have been made, instead giving the money for a better cause.
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Highly recommended action movies that are entertaining and action-packed. Some are cheesy and not to be taken too seriously.
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Interesting sci-fi movies - some good, some B rated - mostly entertaining.
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Mutated creatures and weird alien beings on earth, causing mayhem and destruction.
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Disaster Movies I either really enjoyed or thought was okay. Natural Disasters, Diseases and Alien Invasions that wipes out entire an nation or the world!
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Some are still great to watch, some were funny at the time!
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My favourite romantic comedy movies to watch.
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Best Teen Movies for Entertainment