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Disaster Movies I either really enjoyed or thought was okay. Natural Disasters, Diseases and Alien Invasions that wipes out entire an nation or the world!
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Highly recommended action movies that are entertaining and action-packed. Some are cheesy and not to be taken too seriously.
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My Favorite TV Shows - highly recommended and must watch!
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I wasn't expecting much from these movies so I was pleasantly surprised that they were actually pretty good. Some of these had bad reviews and others I didn't know much about but they turned out well.
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Sci-Fi TV Shows I enjoyed watching. Not in any particular order.
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Interesting sci-fi movies - some good, some B rated - mostly entertaining.
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Must watch at least once in your lifetime.
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They were a hit one day, then they just quickly fizzled out. Some should've been bigger than what they are now.
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Movies to avoid! Awful, over-rated and boring are some words I would describe some of these movies.

This list consists of films I've seen that are a waste of time. Some I fell asleep during, others I just walked away and couldn't sit through it. A lot should not have been made, instead giving the money for a better cause.
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Mutated creatures and weird alien beings on earth, causing mayhem and destruction.
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Some are still great to watch, some were funny at the time!
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My favourite romantic comedy movies to watch.
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Best Teen Movies for Entertainment