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Sorry guys , it's the same list but i had to change the name of it because it was gettin ridiculous that we had so many names on it.
plus, the list wasn't shocking anymore.
It's just a list of the people with the same amount of talent with the ones who have won the oscar but not as lucky as they were !!!
Here we have composers , directors , actors , cinematographers ,..... Whom they haven't won Oscar
no order...pls remind me if someone is missing
P.S : i don't have any problem with Oscars !
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i removed SOME of the great iranian movies with subjects like nationalism so everyone can enjoy it...
If you don't have enough time,at least give the first five one a try...!
Also number 14 has won " palme d'or " in Cannes festival !
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Yes, my most Favorite is Tarantino...!