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Putrid, Boring, Dull, Pointless, Stupid, 30 April 2016

You'd think this was a filming of "The Emperor's New Clothes" the way so many IMDb viewers have rushed to jump on the bandwagon and tell what a great cinematic masterpiece this crock of bullpucky is.

In reality it ranks right up there with "Remains of the Day" as an excruciating, agonizing experience. In "Remains" we got to watch two people making lovesick cow eyes at each other across the room for an hour and a half, both lacking the courage do to anything about their feelings. Here we get TWO AND A HALF hours of courage which seems pointless and provides little interest.

Some have commented on the great cinematography. This might as well have been filmed in black and white. The camera work was pedestrian with the exception of the irritating camera angles which appeared intermittently to provide some break from the tedium on the screen.

Whatever happened to fur trappers and mountain men wearing buckskins? The actors in this film look like a bunch of rag pickers from the great depression.

I was determined to watch this through to the end, but was only able to do so by watching it in thirty minute increments, continually pressing a remote button to see how much of my thirty minute sentence was left.

If you're a sheep-like person who enjoys raving about what everyone else is raving about, this is the film for you. It's NOT for me.

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Congratulate Me! I Made it Through 15 Minutes!, 28 August 2015

Unappealing, unlikable characters I found a bit weird, complete with health foods and some sort of Yoga exercises, who seemed to compensate by smoking. Their little boy seemed to have no name and was called only Buddy again and again. It was impossible to care about them or what might or might not happen to them. In addition I found the repeated close ups of their big noses distracting.

If a film can't grab your attention in the first 15 minutes, and if there are no characters you identify with or care about, it's time to throw in the towel and give it up. Worst of all I'll never get my $6.99 back from Amazon Instant Video. The best part of this film was the stop button on the remote.

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Ageless Messages, 5 April 2015

One could waste time pointing out the flaws and failings of this film ... the low budget, the uneven acting, the less than perfect village and sets. But in doing so, one would reduce themselves to little better than the towns people in the story. And the story, by Mark Miller of "Savannah Smiles" fame, is everything. It hearkens back to the very heart of Christmas, to kindness, to sharing, to giving --- not of one's surplus, but of one's best -- and attempting to live as the great teacher taught us to live.

This movie is not only heartwarming and uplifting, it awakens, it teaches, it instills in viewers, both young and old, the ageless messages which are all too often forgotten in today's world.

And the real life miracle of this film is that it was lost for over twenty years, and now becomes a treasured gift to anyone lucky enough to discover it. This is a highly recommended family movie to enjoy with young children. A film to pause and contemplate. Barbara Stanger steals every scene she's in. Mark Miller and Slim Pickens are amazing.

Gone Girl (2014)
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Awful, 23 January 2015

This gets an overall rating of 8.3 on IMDb? Someone congratulate me. I made it through the first 7 minutes before I was getting antsy and checking the run time of this film -- two and a half hours long.

Some irritating synthesizer music (?) played continually in the background making it difficult to understand some drunk whining to a bar maid. Next came a flash back of the drunk with his face between the legs of some slutty pickup whom I assume would be his future wife. Great choice, Buddy.

The scene was not erotic, only pathetic. I didn't find any of these people appealing, didn't care what happened to any of them, and turned the damned thing off. This is classified as Drama-Mystery-Thriller. If you like that sort of film, try films by Brian De Palma, David Lynch, or Alfred Hitchcock.

And you know what the real kicker is? Twentieth Century Fox put the DVD out in some cheap crummy substandard packaging. That should have been a clue right there.

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Pathetic, 11 October 2014

Truly pathetic. Take one long, boring, crude, tasteless bathroom and bodily function joke after another, add the tiresome "F Word" in every other sentence, cast a homely round faced sweaty slob as the lead, use a poorly written, cliché-ridden script, and what do you have? The pile of garbage this unfunny crock of bullpucky truly is. The credits should have been a clue. Written by, Directed by, Staring, etc. This guy has an ego the size of Montana and this dung heap of a film shows beyond doubt it's not justified. Why some talented actors would lend themselves to this drivel is beyond me and beyond anyone who enjoys real comedy.

The Trail (2013)
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Proud I Made it Through Thirty Minutes of this Crock, 27 September 2014

Sad that the talented actress in the lead role was wasted in this slow moving, pathetic crock. The only bright spots were laughing at the silly set decorations which were often inappropriate and unauthentic to the time period. No Set Decorator is listed. No Art Director is listed. Only a Production Designer who should hang her head in shame, leave the movie industry and open a junk shop in Omaha.

And through it all Jasmin Jandreau shines with an authentic simplicity that shows real acting potential. Her understated performance is exactly what's needed in a period film, and seldom found in one. I hope we see more work from this talented new comer in the future.

The idea for the plot of this movie sounded interesting. The film was not.

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Watch This with Your Inner Child, 24 July 2014

I just watched One Million B.C. I hadn't seen this in sixty years and it certainly brought back memories. I remember seeing it at the Rialto Theater in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But no one called it the Rialto, everyone called it the Rat Hole. Why? Because rats ran across the floor in the dark, bats swooped down from the ceiling, and poor old winos slept and snored in the back row. Decent people didn't go there.

But on Saturday afternoons, kids took over the place to watch four to five hours of movies, cartoons, and 1930's serials -- which even by 1953 standards were corny – all for only 15 cents. I don't remember that any of us ever questioned whether we were decent people or not; the popcorn was great. How the winos could sleep with all the noise I have no idea. Child audiences were highly proactive with what was going on up on the screen.

It was safe then for kids to ride their bikes downtown. And every Saturday afternoon that place was packed. The winos never bothered us, and we'd never heard of child molesters. All we knew was not to accept candy from strangers and since no one ever offered us any, we all felt safe.

This movie stuck in my mind because it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. At ten years old it fulfilled my every dream of adventure ... dinosaurs, volcanoes, ancient peoples, jungles, snakes and morals that we could all understand and appreciate: It's better to be kind and unselfish than to be mean and brutal. I'd highly recommend this film but only if you think back to when you were 8 – 11 years old and watch it as you would have then. Even if you find it a tad corny, the child in you will love it.

Against the Wild (2013) (TV)
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Who is Boddington and Why is he Making These Terrible Movies, 18 May 2014

Take two really dumb (and irritating) kids, a silly, clichéd plot, mediocre acting, idiotic writing, poor directing, and one begins to wonder why this film was even made. The thing is, I LOVE family movies and have since I was a little kid ... good ones, that is, not this drivel. Be warned not to waste your time or money. Rewatch "Alaska" again instead, sit back and enjoy it. It's basically the same story in reverse, far, far superior and thoroughly entertaining.

After ten minutes I began to fast forward hoping the clichés would end. They only got worse. I finally gave up and came to IMDb to vent. Anyone who can sit through this deserves an award. This copy is going to the Goodwill. I pity the poor wretch who buys it.

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Delightful Old B Picture, 29 April 2012

Delightful old B Picture available on Netflix and perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon. Super cheaply made with writing and a plot that will make you smile, even at its own inadequacies. Fast paced and thoroughly entertaining. Richard Denning and Frances Rafferty are likable as they fight to keep their adopted daughter from being taken away from them. Their sickeningly sweet little girl grows on you until she's actually fun and appealing. Filled with familiar faces from old B Films, all playing their usual typecast characters. And all are placed in the context of those cheap 1940's sets which all look remarkably the same.

All the vicious comments about this B film are true yet it's still fun to watch. Be sure and make some popcorn and grab a coke before you begin.

Zero Hour! (1957)
A perennial plot favorite ..., 19 April 2011

This plot of passengers getting food poisoning was first filmed as Flight into Danger (1956). Next came Zero Hour (1957)which stared Dana Andrews. In 1971 Terror in the Skies came along with Lief Ericson.

And finally in 1980 the wacky, wonderful, Airplane blessed us all with it's release. A lot of movie buffs claim Airplane was based on Flight into Danger, or Terror in the Skies. But according to IMDb it was Zero Hour as explained in this IMDb Quote: "The makers of Airplane! (1980) bought the rights to Zero Hour! (1957) to remake it. Much of the movie Airplane! (1980) is similar to Zero Hour! (1957) including using the same dialog."

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